Okay, but we should consider this statement as an objection of Erdoğan to the US military bases, as part of the press commented, or to consider it proof of Erdoğan’s “anti-imperialism”, some segments of the population speaking about propaganda?

Reaction to the United States on “wrong choice”

Undoubtedly, because only this fragment of Erdoğan’s speech became news, the reader or viewer can share such feelings. But let’s see what Erdoğan says next: “The neighbor they chose is the wrong one, and their obsession with Greece as a military base in the Aegean is not the right attitude,” writes CUMHURIYET.

That is, Erdoğan clearly tells the United States, “Choose Turkey, not Greece!” Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? As the United States has said for years: “Choose us against ISIS, not the PYD / YPG (Democratic Union Party, the Syrian wing of the PKK // People’s Defense Units, the military wing of the PYD-n.trad .)… ”Understanding this exit as presented as a“ reaction to the US military base ”is against the reality in Turkey. Because in Turkey, the USA has 38 facilities, out of 15 are military bases!

The problem is the NATO plan

On the other hand, it is true that Greece is becoming a US military base. In fact, in an article from October 26, I analyzed and said about the agreement between the USA and Greece in the article entitled “The Occupation Agreement”: “At first glance, it can be said that Greece agreed that the United States against Turkey ‘, but, in fact, it is a step of the government of Athens for the USA to occupy Greece! ”

From the point of view of the nations of Turkey and Greece, this is really important. As the Greek Communist Party’s press body, Rizospastis, points out, “The goal of increasing the US presence in Greece is to use Greece even more effectively in NATO’s new plans, and it is not a consequence of the differences between Turkey and Greece, so as reflected in the press (Sol, 26.3.2021). What a pity, and in Turkey the subject is approached from the angle of the disputes between Turkey and Greece. And the Alexandroupolis military base is interpreted only as a concentration of US and Greek troops against Turkey.

Main line and support against Russia

In fact, the main target of the Alexandroupolis military base is Russia, not Turkey. In fact, the former Greek MEP Notis Marias put this reality in a very clear way: “Alexandroupolis will become the fulcrum of US policy against Russia” (Sputnik, 3.11.2021). And in the most recent statement, Greek Defense Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos said: “NATO should prepare for a long battle with Russia” (Sputnik, 12.11.2021).

Because the massing of US troops in Greece is linked to the fronts that this country is trying to set up against Russia. The United States is building the “Baltic and Eastern European and Black Sea” axis as the main axis against Russia. The United States is also building, as a continuation of this axis, a support axis from the Black Sea to the Eastern Mediterranean. This is the axis that starts from Alexandroupolis and descends to Crete, including the Aegean. Through this axis of support, the United States wants to barricade Russia’s path so that it cannot get out of the Black Sea into the Mediterranean.

The problem of the interior and exterior of the system

Turkey’s economic order is the main measure of the government’s pro- or anti-US attitude. A country that has agreed to have its national currency fluctuate at the request of the United States means that it is, according to the latest analysis, within the US-built system. Since January 24, 1980, Turkey has joined the US neoliberal economic system. Erdoğan’s economic policy is a continuation of Özal and Çiller’s policies.

Of course, there are crises and problems with the United States, but the question is whether or not we are inside the system. And as long as we remain within the system, it is impossible not to unite with US policies. Look at Syria… Now that the Arab countries are beginning to reconcile, one by one, and normalize their relations with the Assad regime, as US Secretary of State Antony Blinken declares “We do not support normalization / relations / and launch a I call on our friends and partners to take this into account “, linked to the opposition to Assad, the AKP (Justice and Development Party) regime continues to be on the same side of the barricade with the USA and Israel!

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