Nordis Group is a group of companies with 100% Romanian capital, specialized in the development of premium buildings and complexes. The group of companies consists of 7 entities: Nordis Development, Nordis Architecture, Nordis Construct, Nobileo (member of Nordis Group), Nordis Hotels, Nordis Travel and Nordis Property Management.

Horwath HTL, the global leader în consultand hotel evaluation, etc.and touristestimates for the hotel area of ​​the Nordis Brașov 5 ***** project, developed by Nordis Group, a market valuation after the launch of the hotel, in November 2023, of over 40 million euros.

The construction works for the Nordis Brașov project will start in the next period. The complex comprises 158 hotel rooms and 43 residential apartments.

At the time of the evaluation of Horwath HTL, the units of the Nordis Brașov ensemble were sold in proportion of over 35%.

“We believe in youlaughs cOur new project located on Drumul Poienii, Nordis Brașov, will be a landmark of the most refined experiences lived inn mountain areaă. The results of the evaluation carried out by the prestigious company Horwath HTL come as a confirmation of the fact that Nordis Brașov has a huge potential as destinyţie touristand an investment method for those who want to secure their long-term income. We have îto believe cwhen the ensemble will be open, will generate a fabulous impact in terms of image and profitability “, said Daniel Penciuc, Managing Partner Nordis Brașov.

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