Several controls took place yesterday in the agri-food markets in Brașov. Local police have imposed 58 fines for defrauding customers.

“Following the notifications received from you, the citizens of Brașov, we ordered the Local Police to carry out multiple surprise checks in the agri-food markets of the city.

It was found that there were traders who deceived buyers by not offering them a tax receipt or using false documents to certify the quality of some products.

So far, we have applied 58 sanctions for such acts, including for City Hall employees of the Market Administration Service. This whole process has to be fair to everyone.

In order to ensure that the people of Brasov have quality products at affordable prices, these controls will take place weekly, there will be a rotation of market leaders, the activity of each employee will be analyzed and we plan to modernize the markets “, said Mayor Allen Coliban.

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