The Brașov International Historical Comics Festival opens its doors at the Council House on Thursday, October 14, at 15.00.

The Brașov International Historical Comics Festival 2021 respects its innovative cultural status, won in previous editions, and keeps the ambition to transform the history of the World into a comic book theme. Moreover, the 2021 edition means a return to the established format until 2019 and the long-awaited transition to the status of international festival.


We live in times when the fear of death shows its overwhelming supremacy. For the first time since the end of the Second World War, the theme of death covered the whole world, drawing day by day the characteristics of public and even private space. Our lives have changed in a flash, dramatic, frightening. The fear of death has put the future of the World on a new scale.

In the context of the current crisis, faced with the social, economic and cultural shock of the COVID-19 pandemic, recourse to the dark side of history offers meaning and hope. Hence the opportunity of the theme “FEAR IN HISTORY” for the 2021 edition of the festival.

Thus, the International Festival of Historical Comics Brașov 2021 is not only the only festival dedicated exclusively to historical comics but also the only cultural event in Europe that proposes “Fear in history” as a festival theme, introducing turning points in human history (wars , epidemics, natural disasters) in the artistic environment of comics.

This year, for the contest within the Festival, 39 works submitted by 42 Romanian and foreign authors were “dueled”, with a total of 198 plates, which represents a record for the International Festival of Historical Comics Brașov. Six of the works were declared winners.

From the first edition, the works received were published in the printed catalogs of the festival. Starting with the 2020 edition, the works of the winners are published in the magazine “History”, and the outdoor exhibition made with the works received is toured nationally.

The Brașov International Historical Comics Festival is the first BD festival with a historical theme. Produced by the Forums Association together with the Brașov County History Museum, with the PostModernism Museum Association as its main partner, the project was launched in 2018 as a BD Salon meant to support the development of historical comics in Romania, using the strongest historical theme of of the year: Centenary of Romania. The 2019 edition made the transition from a Comics Salon to a Comics Festival, and the chosen theme was “Europe 100”. The 2020 edition meant facing the challenges of the pandemic and overcoming them with the right theme: “Heroes who made history”.

2021 Festival Program:

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