The journalist Lucian Mîndruță claims that Europe is heading towards a new potential war. He puts forward several arguments to support such a hypothesis, including the energy crisis and dependence on Russia.

“It’s not that I want to scare you, but what’s been happening lately shows that Europe is potentially heading for a new war.

Limited or not, we’ll see. But the steps have been taken for at least half a decade. The steps, as I saw, look like this:

1. Undermining the confidence of the Western world in itself. I will not detail the mechanisms, it is the trolls, the extremist and separatist movements, the authoritarian leaders encouraged in eastern countries (see Hungary) or artificial ruptures, such as Brexit …

2. Russia’s preparation for war, from the empowerment of the Internet (the country is now independent of global servers) to the complete liquidation of the opposition, plus the accelerated endowment of the army.

3. Encouraging Europe’s dependence on gas, a more powerful weapon than many armies. This was mainly done through the underground support of anti-nuclear movements, now liquidated in Germany, which made it completely dependent on the Russians.

4. Russia’s development of anti-satellite weapons, capable of short-term cancellation of the West’s ability to see the theater of war. Development of capabilities for rapid destruction (with submarines) of transatlantic communication cables.

5. The deployment of leaders with the potential to return weapons (I think this is the scenario in Ukraine, for example) in key positions, in order to undermine alliances and trust between states.

6. The relativization of NATO protection, coming primarily from the encouragement of nationalist tendencies in Europe. Is Article 5 still in force, de facto? I doubt that, for example, all the countries of Eastern Europe will make a common front against Russia in the event of aggression against one of them, or that Germany or France will even fight for Latvia or Lithuania.

All in all, we live in turbulent times and nothing is ruled out. Including betrayal.

And we, I’m sorry to tell you, are surrounded by allies (face or shadow) of the potential opponent. Yes, that is, in the west, in the southwest and in the south: can we rely on current “friends” who are either pro-Russian, or bound by a deep Slavic solidarity, or by more recent interests, including territorial ones?

I wrote this story with a heavy heart.

I have no intelligence for her, just what I read and understand. And I’m afraid for my children, and for yours …

Especially since we do not have, at this critical moment, leaders with whom the country can feel protected or at least supportive.

Romania really needs a lot of luck in the years to come.

The clouds are stormy “, said Mîndruță, on her Facebook page.


NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg warned Russia on Monday of any new “aggressive action” on the border with Ukraine, where “important and unusual” movements of Russian troops have been observed in recent days, reports AFP and Reuters, informs Agerpres .

Also, another crisis is the one on the border of Poland with Belarus. Poland will begin building a permanent fence along the border with Belarus in December, home to many migrants, with work to be completed in the first half of 2022, Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski said in a statement on Monday. dpa and AFP.

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