The “Augustin Bena” Alba Culture Center launched the first county center for collecting traditional handicraft products from Romania. The products made by folk craftsmen will have to go through a certification system, which will determine if they respect, in terms of quality and technique used, the rules of authentic traditional crafts.

The certification system aims at recognizing the status of craftsman and traditional cultural product / service and establishes the rights / duties of traditional craftsmen, said the representatives of the cultural institution.

Also, this initiative aims to organize and operate the structures of the Culture Center “Augustin Bena” on the activity of traditional craftsmen in Alba County, in order to preserve, protect, transmit, promote and enhance crafts and traditional culture, development and the operation of intervention mechanisms to stimulate the consumption of genuine handicrafts and discourage unfair competitive practices.

The “Certification System for Traditional Cultural Products and Services” and the “County Center for the Collection of Traditional Craft Products” will be implemented starting this year and aim to support the activity of traditional craftsmen in Alba County.

The county center for collecting traditional handicraft products will operate at the headquarters of the Culture Center “Augustin Bena” in Alba County, but the institution will not carry out economic activities for or at the expense of the traditional craftsman. The “Augustin Bena” Culture Center will develop intervention mechanisms to stimulate the consumption of authentic handicraft products, through intermediation and professional promotion. Thus, individuals or legal entities in the country or abroad can sell traditional handicraft products honorarily certified by the Culture Center “Augustin Bena”, the County Center for the collection of traditional handicrafts, only with the written consent of the traditional craftsman.

“The certification system of traditional cultural products and services” and “County Center for the collection of traditional handicraft products” were launched at the Cultural Festival “Augustin Bena”, which takes place these days in Alba Iulia. The event includes, in the three days, 15 cultural actions such as recitals, concerts, art exhibitions, conferences, but also the Gala of Living Human Treasures from Alba County.

The Cultural Festival “Augustin Bena” began on Friday, November 12, with the conference “Fake news and media” held by General Silviu Predoiu. The program then continued with another conference on “The ephemeral and the absolute – reflections on a song from Pătrângeni”, given by prof. Univ. dr. Ioan Haplea and the presentation of some musical transcripts and of the audio archive “The interpretive activity of the violinist Alexandru Țitruș”. Friday ended with a jazz music concert LAURA ORIAN TRIO (Laura Orian, Dima Belinski and Tibi Menyhart) at the “Prichindel” Puppet Theater Hall in Alba Iulia.

All the events from the three days of the Cultural Festival “Augustin Bena” will be broadcast live on the Facebook page of the Cultural Center “Augustin Bena” Alba. At events held with the public, participation will be allowed up to 30% of the maximum capacity of the venue and wearing a protective mask. Also, access is allowed only to persons vaccinated against the SARS-CoV-2 virus and to those who have passed 10 days from the completion of the complete vaccination schedule or to those who are in the period between the 15th and the 180th day. day after confirmation of SARS-CoV-2 virus infection.

The “Augustin Bena” Cultural Festival is organized by the Alba County Council through the “Augustin Bena” Cultural Center in partnership with the Alba Iulia National Union Museum, the Prichindel Puppet Theater and the Museikon.

“Augustin Bena” Cultural Festival Program

November 13, 2021

10:00 – Conference “Personalities of Romanian ethnology in Alba County: Gheorghe Pavelescu 1915 – 2008. Introduction about Valeriu Butură and Ovidiu Bîrlea” given by prof. univ. Dr. ILIE MOISE

Principia Museum in the White Carolina Fortress and live broadcast

12:00 – Puppet play “Who will guard the bells?”, directed by Teodora Popa

Hall of the “Prichindel” Puppet Theater in Alba Iulia and live broadcast

14:00 – Personal exhibition of graphics and painting “The Messenger” signed DAN-MIHAI NISTOR

CCAB Urban Exhibition Space and online exhibition posting

16:00 – Choral concert “Transylvanian Voices Choir” of the House of Culture of Students “Dumitru Farcas” Cluj-Napoca, conductor ADRIAN COROJAN

Alba Iulia Coronation Cathedral and live broadcast

17:00 – Conference “The folk costume as an emblem of the Romanian cultural identity” held by ethnologist researcher DOINA IȘFĂNONI – online broadcast for the first time

18:00 – Chamber concert String Quartet “Augustin Bena” of Alba County

Museum of the icon “Museikon” in Alba Iulia and live broadcast

November 14, 2021

16:00 – Personal painting exhibition signed ANDREEA TIBU

“Alba Iulia” exhibition spaces of the Union Hall and live broadcast

17:00 – Recital by the Fanfare “Augustin Bena” of Alba County, conductor Coriolan HONCAȘ

online broadcast for the first time from the Union Monument in Alba Iulia

18:00 – Gala of Living Human Treasures from Alba County

North Attic of the Union Hall and live broadcast

19:00 – Interview with Academician SABINA ISPAS – “On research, theorizing and preservation of traditional Romanian culture” – premiere broadcast at the Institute of Ethnography and Folklore “Constantin Brailoiu” Bucharest

photo source: archive, illustrative role.

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