Preparations for Christmas are in full swing in Brasov. A 25 meter high fir tree was installed last night in Sfatului Square. Before being cut down, the tree was carefully studied by researchers, who found that it had fallen anyway, due to weak roots. The first holiday lights were also installed and lit in Bucharest last night.

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With a lot of attention to turns, the heavy truck leads the huge spruce to Sfatului Square in Brasov. The Christmas tree is 25 meters high and has an impressive crown, which is 10 meters in diameter. He was carefully chosen in collaboration with the Faculty of Forestry.

Dan Olteanu, director of Kronstadt Forests Department: Every year we cut a round out of it, we go to college and ask the teachers to tell us exactly what his story is. 53 years old, a pasture spruce. He had already begun to have a little rot at the root.

Because it was in danger of falling due to weakened roots, the authorities decided that it could be cut. It took a crane for the huge tree to be mounted.

Dan Olteanu, director of Kronstadt Forests Directorate: It is the tree that Brasov deserves for the holidays. It is the right place and time for him to decorate Brasov.

Passers-by stopped to take group photos and selfies. Even foreign tourists were impressed.
Foreign tourist: It’s huge! I have not seen anything like this. I’ve never seen such a big real tree before. I’m sure the people in San Francisco are fake.

Christmas preparations in the Capital

And the capital is preparing for the holiday. The first Christmas lights were installed last night in Constitution Square. Mayor Nicusor Dan says that he will use the ornaments of previous years, and their installation will not cost more than one million lei. The mayor has another promise for the people of Bucharest.

Nicușor Dan, the general mayor of the Capital: This winter, in the conditions in which the sanitary crisis leaves us, the municipality will organize a Christmas fair in the University Square.

The mayor’s office intends to cover all the costs of the fair from renting the stands to traders.

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