“People who have not yet been vaccinated must know that they owe it to society to protect others.”

Meanwhile, a new SARS-CoV-2 variant – very different from the others – was identified in a commune in western France. 22 cases were identified in a school before the outbreak was controlled. The Israelis are preparing for the scenario of new strains, after vaccinating 70% of the population with 3 doses.

Strongly hit in August by the fourth wave of the pandemic, Israel has administered the Pfizer serum booster dose at an accelerated rate. The effects were felt quickly, and the test positive rate has dropped to 0.65% today. And, after the United States, Israel is the second country to approve the vaccination of children between the ages of 5 and 11.

Moreover, high-ranking officials, civilians and military, participated in an exercise, unprecedented in the world, aimed at testing the country’s ability to react in the event of a new wave of pandemic.

“Like in war, we organize an exercise, a simulation for a coronavirus strain that doesn’t even exist yet. We are preparing for any scenario, to make sure that the ministries are ready, that in hospitals people know what to do and that scientists monitor every strain on the globe as soon as it appears, “said the Israeli prime minister.

With a vaccination rate of less than 68%, the UK has the medical system under intense pressure again. For several weeks, 40,000 new cases have been registered daily. But the infection rate is not reflected in the number of deaths, below 300 per day, in a population of 68 million people.

“The vast majority of intensive care patients are unvaccinated, or have only had one dose of vaccine,” said a professor at Preston University.

“If the vaccine gets rid of intensive care, if it gets rid of the torment I went through, then it’s worth it,” says a patient with Covid-19.

A similar picture in Germany, which has a vaccination rate of 67% and where the administration of the third dose is very slow.

The death toll is also comparable to that in the British Kingdom, 240 deaths in 24 hours, in a population of 83 million Germans.

However, it is delaying drastic measures at the federal level, due to the fact that, after the September elections, Germany still does not have a new government with full legitimacy.

For now, the capital Berlin has dramatically tightened restrictions.

“But no matter how bad things may seem in Germany, the gravity is fading compared to many Eastern European countries, such as Bulgaria, Ukraine and Romania. These countries are having great difficulty vaccinating their population with the first dose, while Western states are now focusing on the third dose, ”says a CNN correspondent.

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