A person was injured on the route of the zip line from 7 Stairs, this weekend, after being hit by another tourist who did not follow the instructions and entered the route before the one in front of him finished the race.

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Tourist injured on zip line

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The representatives of Salvamont Săcele were announced, this weekend, by the occurrence of an incident in the Piatra Craiului Massif, after a person was seriously injured by a tourist who did not respect the administrators’ rules. The victim was later taken and transported to the hospital after suffering several rib fractures, caused by the blows received.

“The first case was of a person injured on Tiroliana 7 Scări, with a possible rib fracture. She was on one of the zip lines, when another person, without following the instructions received from the zip line administrators, did not wait for the person in front to finish the route, entered the route and hit her hard with the knees in the back. The injured person was taken and transported to the ambulance, and then to the hospital for investigations. The person who caused the accident was taken over by the Săcele Police, for investigations regarding the manner in which the accident occurred “, explained the representatives of Salvamont Săcele.

Tourists stood in huge queues for a cable car ride

Over the weekend, hundreds of Brasov residents and tourists who visited the city stormed the places where they could take shelter from the high temperatures, according to Monitorul Expres. Thus, in order to climb the 7 Stairs canyon, the people waited in line for two hours, and at the cable car for Tâmpa, the waiting time was approximately the same. In fact, the whole old center was extremely crowded, the Council Square and the terraces being stormed by tourists and locals.

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