Transylvania today is in many ways
very different from the famous “wildest and least-known portions of Europe”
that make it popular starting a century ago. But a lot of its medieval charm is
still perspiring in the landscape and rural life.

“The land beyond the forest” is full of modern cities, new highways, and great accommodations. From a touristic perspective, these will only help you enjoy the medieval experience.

To have the complete image we can show you the local charm. Just book a seat on our three-day tour.

The Landscapes That Takes You Back in Time

There is a simple and obvious
reason why Transylvania today is
still considered the last truly medieval
landscape in Europe.

The Carpathian Mountains have
acres of forest home to wolves, lynx and brown bears. In certain regions you
can go for bear observations. You’ll see these great animals not in cages or
circuses, but in their natural habitat.

Of course, the best way to enjoy
nature during the warm season is to hike up mountains. In the Bucegi Mountains,
you’ll get to see the wind carved rock formations known as the Sphinx and Babele, that are also accessible by cable car.

The Rural Areas of Transylvania Today

In rural areas seeing horse carts,
shepherds moving their flock from hill to hill and villagers stacking hay is
something ordinary. In some more traditional
you might see people dress in the custom clothing for Sunday
church service.

These are the areas where you’ll
get to taste the best homemade tuica, the Romanian alcohol beverage made out of
plumps. There are many guest houses in the areas for tourist that will give you
an insight into:

  • Romanian traditions
  • Local dishes
  • Traditional farming
  • Cultural heritage

The Medieval Castles and Towns

All the town and cities of Transylvania today still hold a lot of the architectural and feel of their medieval memories. Sibiu, Brasov and Sighisoara are the ones that remind you the most of the Saxon influences and the Ottomans threats

Brasov, Romania

In our three days tour, we’ll show you the main and most important parts of these towns’ old streets. You’ll also get to visit Dracula’s Castle (Bran) as well as the Peleș Castle.

But these are not the only
medieval Castles in Transylvania. Further away from the Capital, if you plan on
staying longer in Romania, you can also visit the Corvin Castle in Hunedoara. A larger but well preserved
Gothic-Renaissance citadel that keeps the medieval history alive in
Transylvania today.

More to The Region than Dracula

Even if vampires, witches, and dragons are what made Transylvania popular in pop-culture nowadays, the truth is a bit different. The time of legend and myth is well preserved but it is still a fantasy.

Still, that doesn’t take away from the charm of the towns, rural areas, and castles you can visit in Transylvania today. We’re eager to show it all to you. Just send us an email at to create your own private tour of the area.

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