Bucharest is a
captivating mystery to new tourists
. The capital of Romania, where
communist reined, is not a description that does justice to the old “Little
Paris” or the new city.

We can show you that once you arrive. In over 550 years of existence, Bucharest has been the main arena for Romania’s artistic, cultural, and political changes. We’ll show you how these influences have helped the city become what it is today in our Half-Day Tour.

Between the history, architecture, and lifestyle there is a
story this current city is telling us. A story that is more complex than what you
might notice at first glance. Let’s explore it.

From Little Paris to
New Berlin

During the interwar period, many of the large landmarks,
buildings and the structure of the main boulevards of Bucharest were defined.
Their architecture was inspired by an even created in the French style.

This was the time when Bucharest received its nickname “Little Paris” or in some cases “the Paris of the East.”

In the Communist era, the capital was one of the most
altered urban landscapes. Besides the numerous grey blocks created for housing
the emerging population, important landmarks like the Palace of Parliament, were also erected.

This is the second-largest administrative building in the world and the largest building in Europe. It has over 1100 rooms.

Unfortunately, that meant that in order to build the new
communist vision, a lot of the belle époque constructions were destroyed. There
are many landmarks and architecture that have survived.

The main element that keeps the connection the Romanian’s
capital has to its old nickname “Little Paris” is the Arch of Triumph.

A few other places in Bucharest that will remind you of its
old name are:

  • Calea Victoriei
  • George Enescu Museum Building
  • Grand Hotel Continental
  • Elizabeth Boulevard
  • The Old Town Center
  • H.M. Berthelot Street
  • Macca-Vilacrosse Passage

These streets are still packed with boutiques, coffee shops,
book stores and splendid views of parks.  Find a seat in a garden terrace and watch life
unravel in front of you.

We’d recommend a walking tour after that, to see the full image of what Bucharest is.

The new architecture is cool and gritty. There is also a
growing number of tech startups that have sparked international interest. This
is what gave the city its latest
nickname: “the new Berlin”.

The urban culture is making its mark through graffiti drawings, hip bars, and amazing experiences.

Mixing in the Latin spirit, the oriental and soviet patina, and the western European vision, Bucharest is unique and visually memorable. But the story of the city is not told only by its architectural history.

Check our Bucharest Tours!

Drinks, Dance, Live
Music, and Night Lights

The story of Bucharest comes to life when party time starts.
It’s a great destination if you want to party
hard and for less than in other European capitals
. Romania might not have
the same drinking culture as Britain or America but parties are the hearth of night
activities in all major cities.

You can start your night by getting a few drinks at an Old
Town bar. A few beers and shots while listening to great music you enjoy, will
get you pumped up for dancing.

Some of the best bars you can start your night when you
visit “Little Paris” are:

  • Good Brewery, created by the team behind the local microbrewery ”Zăganu”,
    here you can taste a lot of local craft beers.
  • Shoteria,
    they have a large selection of unique shots. You know you are in the right place
    if the menu behind the bar looks similar to how the arrivals and departures
    board in Gara de Nord looks like.
  • Line
    is the closest place to the moon in Bucharest. They have a stylish décor and
    incredible selection of cocktails.
  • E3 by
    is a botanic decorated bar, full of beautiful people. You can
    consider it especially if you plan on moving your party to one of the more posh
  • Nomad
    is a great place to grab something to eat before you hit the clubs.
    They have a great variety of food and drinks from all over the world.

The next step is to enjoy the beautiful night lights of Bucharest before dancing all night long. Most touristic attractions have a magical glow in the night lights. We can show you all of these in a short one-hour and a half drive tour.

If you should visit Bucharest your story must continue with
hours of dancing in one of the clubs. Depending on what crowd makes you more
comfortable you have 3 main categories
to choose from.

There are many local clubs where most students and local
youth spend their time. There are also numerous uber clubs where the trendy
high society likes to party. The third category includes the venue type locations
where many Romanian bands play live each night of the week.

Most clubs in Bucharest are open many hours after midnight
and even have a “last man standing” policy.

Some clubs where you and your friends can have an awesome
night include:

  • Bamboo
  • Chaboo
  • Brothers
  • GOOD (Beat of Angles)
  • Player Club
  • Control Club

If clubs aren’t really your thing there are numerous music
festivals that you can enjoy until the crack of dawn.

Getting Around in

The best holiday stories are usually connected to getting from one point to another and all the complications that came with that. Not that we’d want you to have one less story about Bucharest to tell your friends. We think you’d like a little less stress while you are trying to relax.

We considered adding our best tips when getting around in
“Little Paris”. The list will help you have a smooth ride:

  • Keep in mind that traffic in Bucharest can get a little hectic, especially during
    rush hours. If you have to travel between 7:00 – 10:00 in the morning and 15:30
    – 19:00 in the afternoon take some extra time to get to your destination.
  • Be aware
    of taxies
    from the airport and in front of hotels. Some of them might
    charge you up to 5 times the prices of a ride. You can end up paying up to 100
    RON for a simple ride that actually only costs 20 RON. Ask people at the
    reception of your hotel to call a cab for you, to be on the save side.
  • Use Uber
    or other apps
    . To make sure no one scams you and also be able to pay with a
    credit card, use Uber or Bolt (formerly known as Taxify). If you are going to a
    special event you can also use BlackCab or BlackLane to get a luxury car or
    limo with a driver.
  • Public transportation
    is always an option.
    a large transportation system that includes the metro, buses, trams and
    trolleybuses that can get you literary anywhere. Google maps can always help
    you create your route using them but keep in mind that schedules might not
    always be updated. You can also get a weekly card that you can use on all types
    of transportation.
  • Consider
    alternative options of transportation.
    You can rent a car or try the car-sharing
    app Pony. Once you have your account set up, find the nearest car. Walk up to
    it then open it with your phone. You can start driving. It will charge you by
    the minute. Ape Rider is a similar app but for bike sharing and Flow is for electric
  • Wear good
    If you’ll get to enjoy Bucharest at its full extent, you’ll do some
    walking around. Many Old Town streets and plazas have cobblestone so consider
    wearing something comfortable.

If you take all of these into consideration all your stories
about Bucharest will have a happy ending. When visiting let us know so we can
help you plan your trip and you won’t miss anything.

Just give us an email at reservations@travelmaker.ro or call us at +40 735 525 710.

The Bucharest Story

From the social changes throughout history to the contemporary lifestyle of the locals, Bucharest has a different story to tell than the one you might have heard. The former “Little Paris” has changed in an upcoming IT center that is leading the culture and the look of this city.

It’s a place that will create
a unique memory
for you and your friends with its parties, incredible
places and navigating it all. If you’re considering a weekend getaway it’s the
perfect place that will be affordable for all.

We’d love to meet you and hear your personal story of traveling through Bucharest. Take a look at our shared and private tours to get a better idea of what suits your plans. Make sure to book your seats ahead of time, so you don’t lose your spot.

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