The appreciations belong to the former president of PNL, Ludovic Orban. He launched a new attack on Klaus Iohannis, who he claims has been making new habits for several months. Ludovic Orban compared the head of state to a mummy, commenting that he is unrecognizable.

“Today, who brings PSD to power? President Iohannis. Who else can recognize the… pyramid visitor? Not to mention “the mummy”, said Orban, referring to the head of state, in an intervention on Realitatea TV.

In his opinion, Klaus Iohannis is unrecognizable and has changed his priorities in recent months.

“I did not see him play golf while I was collaborating. He did not defeat the pandemic, he fought, he was involved in important decisions, including restrictions, to save lives, companies, jobs. What he has been doing since Cîțu announced his candidacy, 2-3 months before, has nothing to do with the interests of Romanians “, Ludovic Orban also said.

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Ludovic Orban reveals Iohannis’ plan

According to Ludovic Orban, the collaboration between PNL – PSD will be achieved because this is “Iohannis’ objective”. He said the head of state’s plan is to take over as prime minister after completing his term in 2024.

“And, in order to be prime minister, he needs to control the PNL and a partner with whom to get along,” Ludovic Orban added.

Even knowing these things, Ludovic Orban specified that he will remain in the PNL as long as there is “the slightest chance” that the party will be back on the “right path, and the collaboration with PSD will not end.

“If they continue to clap with PSD, obviously I have nothing to look for with them, but I still hope that the alliance with PSD will not be made”, the former president of PNL transmitted.

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