Empathy, the ability to substitute, relationship skills, integration skills, managing negative emotions, social connection skills will make the difference. Education for the future is long overdue, and European values ​​must be shared in the Romanian education system and guarantee a society in which equality, respect for human rights and democracy prevail.

Adopting an interrogative attitude, the students of the “Regina Maria” Dorohoi High School, coordinated by Mrs. Alupoaei Alina, got involved in the European project “# 5030Remember” financed by the “Europe for Citizens” program.

The initiative created by the GEYC community, whose founder is Gabriel Brezoiu, refers to the 80+ years since the end of the Second World War, followed by 50 years of authoritarian and totalitarian regimes in the countries of Central Europe and East. Many citizens, especially young people, have a limited understanding of the implications of World War II for Europe and the building of a democratic European Union. Young people under the age of 32 have never lived under an authoritarian regime and misunderstanding the struggle for Europeans can lead to increased Euroscepticism.
The “5030 Roundtable” event of the # 5030 Remember Seminar is an invitation to the development of critical thinking, of reason as an engine of development and guarantees us the consolidation of the feeling of belonging to a common European space.

The seminar will have some individual tasks that participants will receive between November 2-5, and on November 9 and 11 will have online workshops, at one of them being invited experts in the field of human rights education in Europe, with which participants will be able to talk.

The 5030 Roundtable discussion with human rights education specialists brings together speakers who will share practices and experiences and answer questions from the audience. The 4 experts who will join the 5030 Roundtable discussion are: Simina Badica, curator at the European House of History, Rafał Rogulski, director at the Institute for Commemoration and Solidarity of the European Network, Oana Nestian-Sandu, Director of the International Program at the Olga Lengyel Institute for Studies Holocaust and Human Rights and Daniel Gheorghe, expert at Theodor Herzl Center for Israeli Studies.

The partner countries in this project are: Bulgaria, Italy, France, Spain, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Romania, but the seminar will be attended by young people from most European Union countries. The working language of the project will be English, the key to international communication at this time, which outlines the importance of knowing and practicing it.

The seminar participants and the contact person will also be invited to the final conference of the project, which will take place on December 17, 2021 in Bucharest, where delegations from the other 10 partner countries in this project will arrive. (Alexandra Peca, Project Manager # 5030Remember)
Thinking formulators will give them the chance to develop their knowledge in the topics presented above, whose value needs to be known and appreciated. The project will give them the opportunity to present their ability to express themselves freely, their understanding of the topics listed above, as well as the opportunity to exchange ideas with the participants in this activity. (Petruța C.)



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DorohoiNews.ro, 10-11-2021

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