By Claudiu Loghin.
Posted: 09.10.2021, 19:19.

Updated: 09.10.2021, 19:19

A young man was about to be killed due to musical dedications. It happened in front of a manele club in Brasov. Dissatisfied with the young man’s musical choices, a client threw him with his head on the asphalt and continued to hit him even though he had fainted. We warn you that images captured by a witness can affect you emotionally.

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The attack is lightning fast. The aggressor grabs the victim like in a battle ring and hits him with his head on the asphalt, leaving her unconscious. Mercilessly, a young woman rushes in and kicks him in the head. The violent scene takes place under the eyes of several guards. No one intervenes. All the while, the attacker continues to cruelly hit the inert victim.

The victim: “I felt a tightness in the back and I can’t remember anything from there. I woke up two hours later at the County Hospital. The doctors didn’t give me a chance. He can’t imagine how I survived such a blow. “

The victim’s father: “When I opened the film, my wife fainted. I had to wet it with water. “

The conflict would have started from a few musical dedications

The conflict broke out inside the manele club. The aggressor was disturbed by the musical choices of the victim and by the fact that he makes too many dedications. He used a martial arts technique to get revenge.

Claudiu Loghin, Observator reporter: “The two people were evacuated, but the scandal continued right in front of the club, under the eyes of the intervention agents. Exactly in this place, the aggressor applied to the victim the procedure and the blows that left her on the asphalt, breathless “.

He fled immediately after the beating, but was identified by images posted on a social network.

The aggressor was arrested on remand

The aggressor, aged 23, also had problems with the law. Claudiu Sandu, chief prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Brasov Tribunal: “He was sentenced to nine months in prison with suspension for driving without a license.”

The victim has a broken nose and a fractured jaw. He will need at least 30 days of medical care.

The victim’s father: “I also talked to the aggressor. That he is sorry for what he did, that he has two children. I feel sorry for him and for the children he has “.

The man was arrested this time for attempted murder.

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