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Take a break from your diet and discover the less explored neighborhoods of Bucharest by tram, walking and by trolleybus. Enjoy delicious tastings of traditional Romanian grilled ground meat rolls, Wallachian doughnuts and chill out with a beer in Romania’s biggest and oldest traditional market as you discover the local architecture and learn about Bucharest’s history and culture.

The Unhealthy Food Tour of Bucharest is a harmonious blend of old and new, food and beverages, history and architecture. It starts with a snack: “The taste of communism” – Romanian Pretzel and Sana Yoghurt – because under communism, this is how you could get over a healthy breakfast on your way to work. Considering we are not going to work, we can get immersed in the local history by visual checking the surroundings of the meeting point – Lupa Capitolina Monument.

We will then make our way to the Tram Station, right in front of New St. George’s Church, consecrated in 1707 and considered a wonder of the age. A 15 minutes ride on a tram will take us winding along Mosilor Avenue, which separates the Jewish quarter from the Armenian quarter and then introduces us to the communist architecture. Subsequently to WW2, once the Communist regime took over the political scene in Romania, much of the historical Bucharest lost its coordinates, at least architecturally speaking, and we will be able to see the transition.

Tram Bucharest

The tram ride is over and we reach Obor Market – one of Romania’s biggest and oldest traditional market, which has been around in one form or another for more than 300 years. The old market was completely destroyed as part of Bucharest’s urban renewal project, and two modern halls, a public housing complex, and a small park erected in its place. Obor has certainly changed a lot, but it remains a Bucharest icon, beloved by locals and visited by the country’s most esteemed guests, including President Nixon in 1969.

Unhealthy Food Tour of BucharestUnhealthy Food Tour of Bucharest

If you are interested in learning more about Romanian food & culture, Obor Market is an interesting place to start. Here you can find anything from cheese and meat products, countless types of honey, fresh fruits and vegetables to sauerkraut, spices and handcrafted wooden bowls sold at market stalls and small shops spread over some 26,000 square meters. A well-known terrace selling “mititei” (traditional Romanian grilled ground Meat Rolls) and cool beer is our next great spot for an unhealthy stop, as well as for mingling with the locals.

Unhealthy Food Tour of BucharestUnhealthy Food Tour of Bucharest

After this authentic experience, we’ll hop in a trolleybus this time and head back along Mosilor Avenue and Carol I Boulevard to another area filled with history – University Square. As we walk, we will get to see and learn about the most important historical landmarks located between University Square and Cismigiu Park area.

As the saying goes, there is no better way to bring people together than with desserts. So our unhealthy tour will end in a fine and traditional restaurant where we’ll have sweet Wallachian doughnuts called Papanasi, served hot, filled with jam and delicious sour cream on top. What a way to be sure you will be getting sweet memories in Bucharest!

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