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l Coliban and Bădulescu continue discussions with potential managers and coaches for new FC Brașov
l Ilie Stan remains the main favorite for the position of principal
l The good news is that the representatives of the Municipality intend to allocate funds for the renovation of the canteen at the Tineretului stadium

The new football project in Brașov has been discussed for weeks. Voted in May, in a meeting of the Local Council, the accession project of Brașov Municipality, together with the Brașov Public District Heating Service and the Brașov Infrastructure Management Department at the Scotch Club Sports Club Association for the new FC Brașov, started quickly. The proposal for this project came from PNL and USR councilors. “It is a solution, that of taking over an existing club, of completely changing the form of the association, the name and the status in order to fit within the terms granted by the FRF. The current shareholders give up all rights and leave the association. The new shareholders will be the District Heating Service, the Sports Infrastructure Management Department of Brașov and the Municipality of Brașov. We will change the name to FC Brașov The Renaște flag, accepted by the Ministry of Justice, and during the 2021-2022 season we will be able to change the name to FC Brașov “, said Coliban. The CL representatives in the General Assembly of the Association for the Municipality of Brașov are Sebastian Bădulescu (PNL) and Ion Corbu (USR). Another representative in this Association will be appointed by the mayor of Brasov. The Brașov Public District Heating Service and the Brașov Infrastructure Management Department are to appoint their representatives in the Association. Last week, the documents were issued at the Brașov Court, and if there were no appeals, this week the documents will be submitted to MTS for obtaining the CIS. CL Brașov will be able to meet as soon as possible, and it will be possible to vote for the budget for the new club, the Brașov Football Club Steagul Renaște Association. The “new FC Brașov” would take the place of the senior team from Corona Brașov in League 2.

Coliban and Bădulescu, active in the discussions

After the project went to the polls in CL Brașov, Coliban and Bădulescu were the most active, the two starting a lot of discussions with potential managers and coaches. There was insistent talk about Coliban’s desire to bring Ioan Ovidiu Sabău to Brașov, Florin Prunea was also in the “books” with Moțul, but the negotiations failed because the two former internationals had exaggerated pretensions. He also talked to Marius Lăcătuș for a position as president, but he said that “Fiara” prefers coaching. Marius Măldărășanu was also discussed for the position of coach, who in the meantime arrived in Sibiu, and Ilie Stan and Florin Bratu were contacted last week. Ilie Stan also met Allen Coliban in Brașov, after which, at the end of the week, “Iliesta” returned to Brașov and waited for the “ok” to start work. Another coach contacted by the representatives of the Municipality was Florin Bratu. “I talked to the people from Brașov, the situation is still not clear. It is a state of uncertainty, we will see in the coming days “, said Bratu.

Many propose themselves

As the intentions of the mayor of Brașov with football were heard in the country, a lot of coaches and “sports managers” started a real assault and try by all means to reach Coliban or the two CL representatives in the new football structure, Bădulescu and Corbu . Coliban seems more interested in bringing a big name in Romanian football, especially in the Golden Generation, although no one can guarantee the success of the project. On the other hand, at the level of management and coaches in the new club, the people of Brasov do not seem to enter the plans of our politicians, this is also due to the pride and interests that grind the football in Brasov. On Monday, Coliban and Bădulescu also had a round of talks with the representatives of ACS SR Brașov, Dinu Turcanu and Ciprian Jurubescu. It remains to be seen whether the talks will have a finality, because, at first sight, the two sides have different views on the football project in Brasov.

The Youth Canteen is to be rehabilitated

In all these discussions with the football people, Coliban and Bădulescu were convinced that serious investments are needed at the Tineretului stadium, but also the restoration of the canteen at the stadium for athletes. The stadium canteen operated based on a partnership between FC Brașov and RIAL until 2014 when the Municipality’s company terminated the contract because the Brașov club did not comply with its obligations. Meanwhile, the canteen has reached an advanced state of degradation, so that the space could not be used by RIAL.

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