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l The coach from Brașov will continue next season at the Zărnești group
l Big plans for the new season

In recent years, Olimpic Zărnești has tried unsuccessfully to promote in the 3rd league. In the recently concluded season, Olimpic Zărnești ranked only on the 3rd place in the playoff of the 4th League Brașov, so that the disappointment was great in the camp of Zărnești. After an analysis session, the club officials decided to continue to give credit to coach Mihai Stere, and the imposed objective is to be promoted to the 3rd league. “Stere continues at Olimpic Zărnești. We will try to bring 2-3 players to the positions considered deficient by the coach. The players in the current group have until June 1 to decide whether or not to continue next season. We don’t force anyone on the team. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange. We will also have a new internal regulation with clear rules, which must be respected “, said Bogdan Chirițescu, the president of the Zarnesti club.

Directly in League 3?

Like the other teams in the 4th League that played in the recently concluded season, Olimpic Zărnești also received from FRF the invitation to participate in the Certification process for the 3rd League. The documents must be sent to the FRF between June 18-25. “If there is a chance that we can play in the 3rd League, we will do it,” Chirițescu said.

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