2,000 caregivers from Eastern Europe work in the province of Arezzo. Of these, more than a thousand are not vaccinated, most of them being Romanian. The authorities in Arezzo and Grosseto appealed to Romanian decision-makers, in order to be able to send them the message: Get vaccinated!

Two thousand caregivers from Eastern Europe work in the province of Arezzo. Of these, more than a thousand are not vaccinated. There are an impressive number of people who care for the most vulnerable at home, but who have not yet completed or at least started the vaccination cycle. The caregivers or caregivers concerned come mainly from Romania and, for various reasons – from cultural to logistical – have not yet been vaccinated.

Hence the new campaign of Asl Tse, organized together with associations, employers and pharmacies, which targets precisely this category of workers. They can now be vaccinated at the Business Center and in pharmacies.

The data regarding the caregivers registered on the territory of the South-East Local Sanitary Unit are presented as follows: 10,121, of which 4,118 in the province of Arezzo, 2,144 in the province of Grosseto and 3,859. The female component is absolutely predominant. Arezzo: 3,868 compared to 250 men; Grosseto: 2,033 compared to 111; Siena: 3,588 compared to 271. From gender to geographical origin: 65% come from Eastern European countries. 64% in Arezzo and Siena, 67% in Grosseto.

Open letter for Romanian caregivers who refuse vaccination

“If we cross these data with the percentages of vaccination, the need to promote vaccination is triggered, especially for those belonging to Eastern Europe. Romanian women vaccinated with at least one dose in Asl Tse do not reach 60%. Lower percentages “Total women in Eastern Europe account for 64%. The data for the provinces of Arezzo, Siena and Grosseto are substantially homogeneous and therefore in line with the average data for the whole TSE a press release the public health department.

Therefore, the department of public health – Asl has developed a campaign, which is addressed precisely to these workers. First, an open letter to caregivers was prepared, specific vaccination sessions were identified and a collaboration was initiated with Eastern European countries, primarily with Romania. All this was done in collaboration with associations, employers, unions, economic categories: all benchmarks for both caregivers and their employers. Collaboration with pharmacies that have confirmed their availability for vaccines has also been renewed.

There are two ways to access the vaccine. Access to the Arezzo Fiere hub will be possible without reservation on Thursday afternoons and Sundays. Also, a Romanian-speaking mediator and dedicated staff will be present, who will provide information about the vaccine. But caregivers will also be able to turn to pharmacies in the area, which have joined the campaign.

“It’s the only solution that helps us not get to the cemetery”

“Our vaccination campaign used all possible tools: vaccination centers, medium-sized centers, vaccination points for vulnerable people, champions (schools, factories, craft areas, shopping centers, Caritas canteens. During the summer, beaches and festivals) The vaccine was offered to all: undifferentiated targets in vaccination centers and additional specific targets (students, workers, craftsmen, artisans, foreigners, marginalized and homeless people) with the help of trucks.Asl Tse created a social and solidarity network. The initiatives were organized together with municipalities, economic categories, unions, the church, Caritas, pharmacists and volunteers. Misericordia and other associations provided campers and operators “, explains Elisa Fattori, deputy director of social services Asl Tse –

“The results were significant: the 90% ceiling was exceeded by 1,227,000 (490,000 Arezzo, 386,000 Siena and 352,000 Grosseto). There are still certain segments of the population on which we want to try to have an even greater impact, “Fattori concluded. And one of them is carers. Our goal is to ensure health. For these workers and for the elderly and / or elderly. or disabled people they live in close contact with.

Ștefania Magi, head of the Intercultural Medicine Department of Asl Tse, stressed that “caring for vulnerable people is a fundamental activity in which carers are personally involved. Caring for them also means not exposing the elderly and disabled, “We are looking for, as far as possible, direct relationships to encourage vaccination. Both our nurses and our cultural mediators will be present in the dedicated sessions to provide information and clarification.”

The message of the Romanian MEP Nicolae Stafănuță

In order to better communicate with the Romanian community and to send the message about vaccination, Asl Toscana sud Est asked the Romanian MEP Nicolae Ștefănuță to make a video message, which, at this moment, is intended for the Arezzo area, but which could soon be broadcast throughout Italy.

“The vaccine is the only solution we have left to avoid reaching intensive care or, worse, the cemetery. Please, said Stefanita, addressing his compatriots in Italy, do not believe all kinds of lies on that you hear them.

Laura Ghibu, honorary advisor to the president of the Romanian National Committee for the Coordination of Vaccination Activities against COVID-19, spoke during the videoconference, who edited, together with her daughter, a video that went viral, calling for vaccination: “A study of The University of Bucharest has shown that conspiracy theories and, through anti-vax, often win over arguments presented by the authorities, words such as freedom, conscience and choice are more often heard than words such as duty, solidarity and health. from my country who are carers in Italy. I understand their situation and I understand the sacrifices they make for their families. But for these sacrifices to be made they have to be healthy, so I invite them to get vaccinated. “

Roberto Giotti, President of Federfarma, who was unable to attend the press conference, sent a text which we attach to this press release.

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