Dertour will operate, from Romania, 19 destinations, mainly in the Mediterranean area, but also in more remote areas such as Thailand or Zanzibar, said yesterday Cosmin Marinof, CEO of Travel Brands, DER Touristik Group, during a conference.

Since October 2019, Travel Brands is part of the DER Touristik Group, operator of the Dertour brand and one of the largest tourism companies in the world.

Earlier this month, German travel agency Dertour announced the completion of the acquisition of Travel Brands, a company that brings together Eurolines ‘touring, retail, business travel and incoming activities, with Travel Brands’ network of travel agencies becoming Dertour.

Specifically, the acquisition process began in July, when the Eurolines Group’s tourism activities – touring, retail, business travel and incoming, which took place on three separate companies – Touring Europabus (owner of the TUI TravelCenter and Eurolines franchises), Nova Travel and Danubius Travel, owned by Dragoş Anastasiu, were transferred to the new company Travel Brands SA, which was sold to the DER Touristik Group.

According to the group’s representatives, the transaction was authorized by the Competition Council and completed according to plan, through this step DER Touristik Group expanding in Romania, on a dynamic and growing market and where, following the takeover of the travel agency network Brands (part of the Eurolines group), becomes the market leader.

According to the cited sources, in the last month, the group created all the organizational and commercial structures necessary to start the activity within the Eastern Europe division.

Cosmin Marinof said: “We will rely on our people, we are a company that will have over 400 employees and a network of 80 travel agencies and we will open three new agencies in the next five months. We want to expand the team, and by the end of 2020 (in the next 14 months), we will have an impressive budget for a travel agency and we will invest this money in positioning the Dertour brand in Romania.Dertour product enters Romania directly as a market leader, which We will operate 19 destinations (we have departures from seven cities in Romania) and we will focus on the Mediterranean area and Turkey in particular, Egypt is a destination that is also showing strong growth, especially this year. As for exotic destinations, this winter we have a record number of departures for Thailand – 35, 15 for Bali in 2020, other destinations are Punta Cana, Cancun, Zanzibar, Maldives, etc. all with departures from Romania. It is, therefore, quite wide, we want to increase the number of destinations successively every year and I think that in 2021 we will have a much stronger product. At the same time, we will focus on the tour operator model and we will learn from the experience of Exim Tours in the Czech Republic, in this sense, because we want to become number 1 from this point of view. In terms of prices, we rely on a 7% discount. We have also invested and continue to invest in our online channel, although I do not think we will reach a market like Scandinavia, where 90% of sales are online. Regarding the incoming part, we want to differentiate Romania through Transylvania and the Danube Delta and we will focus on promoting these areas. Romania is a country that has, however, a lot to offer, unique destinations and attractions, so we can easily differentiate ourselves from the rest of Europe “.

Soren Hartmann, CEO of DER Touristik Group, said yesterday that

Travel Brands will be bought by Exim Tours, a Czech company in the group’s portfolio, saying that adding Travel Brands to the group’s portfolio is a big step

According to the organizational structure of the DER Touristik Group, Travel Brands belongs to the specialized division in Eastern Europe and is already operationally integrated.

“We wanted to be present on the Romanian market because we believe in this country, it is a growing market and it is among the most interesting in Europe for the tourism industry because the unemployment rate is decreasing, which means that the average salary increases, and when that happens, people’s appetite for travel increases, “he said.

DER Touristik is part of the Rewe Group, revenues of 61 billion euros, and for the travel and tourism division of the REWE Group, entering the Romanian market is a natural continuation of the development strategy in Europe.

In his turn, Dragoş Anastasiu, the founder and president of the Eurolines Group, of which Travel Brands is part, specified yesterday: “The rebranding process of the agency network, which operated for eight years under the name TUI TravelCenter and which is the largest in Romania started in October and is nearing completion, all these agencies will soon be called Dertour. (…) Dertour takes over a team and a job of 24. This is a dream that our team had ten years ago, to be part of a group that has the resources and to make things sustainable, Dertour will certainly impose itself on the Romanian market. under the magnifying glass of the big international companies, it is analyzed, radiographed, turned on all sides and passes the exam and qualifies in the big league. puts that he trusts Romania, it is something that should make us optimistic. Certainly, the Romanian tourism industry is young, only 30 years old and has a sensational potential that Dertour can really reach “.

He specified that he will remain in the company, in the advisory committee, which will be set up soon, but will no longer be a co-shareholder.

Mr. Anastasiu also stressed that this is by far the most important transaction that Romanian tourism has ever had.

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