By Claudiu Loghin.
Posted: 04.10.2021, 20:03.

Updated: 04.10.2021, 20:04

Hospital with 1500 beds, bike paths and a 15-hectare amusement park in the heart of the city. These are just some of the promises that the current mayor of Brașov made before winning the elections. One year after the investment, many of them are still in the project stage, and Allen Coliban is taking time for these projects to become a reality.

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Allen Coliban’s election program had ten chapters.

Claudiu Loghin, Observatory reporter: “Among the promises launched in the election campaign by the current mayor of Brasov is” a new multidisciplinary hospital, not pavilions, spread throughout the city, “a hospital with at least 1,500 beds. More than a year has passed since this promise, the number of beds has decreased, and the project is still in the documentation phase “.

The projects will be started, at the earliest, only next year

So the first excavation could only be next year.

Allen Coliban, mayor of Brașov: “1500 are the total number of beds in the hospitals we intend to replace, but with everything that means modern medicine, with everything that means reducing hospital stays.”

Cyclists were another target category in the current mayor’s campaign.

Claudiu Loghin, Observatory reporter: “We want all areas of the city to be connected by bicycle lanes, so that pedestrians of any age can drive safely” – A year and a bit has passed since this promise and this is what most of bicycle lanes in Brașov: on the one hand lane one, which is often used for speeding, on the other hand the so-called spike parking, from which, frequently, cars leave in traffic, intersecting bike lanes ”.

Allen Coliban, mayor of Brașov: “They can’t even appear, in such a short time, unless we do a work of redemption again, as has been done before”.

The mayor of Brasov asks for time

Allen Coliban, mayor of Brașov: “We need a master plan. In October we will have the first debate on this study, which we are working on, towards the end of the year we want to conclude it, so that in 2022 we can put these projects up for auction ”

Although not much has materialized yet, the people of Brasov seem to be sympathetic to the new mayor.

Claudiu Loghin, Observatory reporter: “Are you happy with this year?”

Local: “Yes”

Local: “In a proportion of about 60-70 percent, it has fulfilled its promises, but there is still work to be done.”

The mayor ticks off work on a road bridge, which has been under repair for six years.

Allen Coliban, mayor of Brașov: “I learned that, from the moment you plant, until the moment you get to pick the first fruits, some years pass. Three years in fruit growing. Somewhat similarly it happens in an administration that aims to make a different kind of public administration “.

Controversies in the first year of Allen Coliban’s term at Brașov City Hall

The first year with Allen Coliban at City Hall was not without controversy and scandal.

One of them was related to erroneous mentions in the campaign CV, related to the graduation of a second faculty. Coliban made the necessary corrections and apologized to the people of Brasov. Another was related to the cancellation of the contract for the management of public parking lots in Brașov – a subject that is still in dispute, in court.

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