BeeFast, an ultra-fast courier and technology start-up, is expanding its activities from November 1st and starting deliveries in Brașov. For the first month of operation, the company estimates an average of 100 orders per day and will reach an average of 250-300 orders per day by the end of the year, which is a third of the orders delivered daily in Bucharest. Ilfow. The first 50 BeeFast customers benefit from the expansion of the online shop and the integration of the free delivery solution.

In less than two years since its introduction, BeeFast is expanding its delivery area in Brașov, a first step towards nationwide coverage. Orders placed through the platform are delivered in an average time of 35 minutes, compared to an average time of 55 minutes in the Bucharest-Ilfov area. Customers who are already integrated into the platform and can make ultra-fast deliveries with BeeFast couriers come from areas such as HoReCa, florists, souvenir shops, organic products, electronics, etc.

The price for each delivery is unique at the beginning: 15 lei, regardless of the number of kilometers, and customers who integrate BeeFast into the delivery options receive a 10% discount in the first three months of the contract period.

The company’s partner portfolio is expanding at an accelerated rate, also due to a pandemic that has piqued the appetite for ultra-fast deliveries. We already have more than 10 customers who will be active on the platform from November 1st, but their number is sure to grow rapidly, especially as we near a supply crisis – Black Friday and winter holidays. Digitization plays and will play a key role in shortening delivery times and expanding last-mile or express delivery services. For this reason we are offering the free development of the online shop to the first 50 customers, because in Bucharest-Ilfov we saw how important this migration to online is for the development of companies, said Cristian Grozea, CEO and co-founder of BeeFast.

For the first month of activity, BeeFast estimates 100 orders per day, but expects a sustained increase to a third of the average number of daily orders in Bucharest – Ilfov by the end of the year.

Extension of the delivery schedule in Bucharest

In October, BeeFast extended its delivery schedule in Bucharest to midnight from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. The reason for the change was the increasing demand for second-day deliveries, especially for HoReCa customers, but also for pharmaceutical and food products.

In Bucharest, orders received in the first half of the day (10 am-3pm) currently account for 53% of deliveries, which are mainly concentrated on the lunch break. Deliveries requested for the second part of the day account for 47% and the estimates show that the percentages will be similar for the customers from Brasov.

BeeFast, a start-up founded by 4 entrepreneurs at the end of 2019, started as a fast B2B and B2C delivery solution. The recent socio-economic context has determined a new business development in the direction of offering a digital infrastructure with an integrated payment and ordering system for offline business.

The product range that BeeFast currently supplies includes the area of ​​food products – fresh or ultra-fresh – and non-food – documents, gifts, special packaging, IT equipment, products from the areas of fashion, beauty, etc.

BeeFast recently received an investment of 500,000 euros, which it will direct into the development of the platform and the optimization of operations. Currently, the company is focused on preparing the business to scale at the national level, with an emphasis on implementing the latest technologies. The company is also aiming to triple orders in the near future, but also to expand the courier network to keep its promise of fast delivery regardless of the development of orders on the platform.

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