If you are looking for an original souvenir, for delicious sweets or a Romanian gift for your loved ones, we tell you a secret. We discovered a dream shop, which brings you the story of Romania.

It’s about Art&Craft – a special concept that promotes contemporary Romania by means of souvenirs and presents of Romanian inspiration – born in 2003, out of the desire to bring joy and memorable experiences to those who visit our country. From the moment an idea is born and all the way to the moment when it is gifted to loved ones, each Art&Craft product holds within it the care and desire to carry on the story of today’s Romania.

Respecting the Romanian values and wishing to offer the widest range of products possible, Art&Craft has created its own brands, which integrate inspired and creative items manufactured worldwide following concepts by Romanian designers, a delicate taste due to the finest chocolate, truffles and cakes based on traditional Romanian recipes, and authentic popular art products taken directly from Romanian craftsmen and artisans.

Whether you are looking for a souvenir for a friend from abroad or for a special present of Romanian inspiration for loved ones, in the Art&Craft stores you will always find your life-saving solution. Find the Art&Craft stores and brand-corners in nearly all the airports in Romania, in Baneasa Shopping City and of course online, on www.artandcraft.ro.

If you are looking for a moment to appreciate today’s Romania the way we see it, or if you want to share an experience you enjoyed in Romania with your loved ones and to offer them a gift from home, Art&Craft is the perfect place. A gift of Romania!

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