Summer is officially over in the UK, but with global travel once again an option, Britons can escape the chill with an overseas jaunt. The good news is, you don’t have to travel too far to feel the warm sun on your skin.

Andalusia, Spain

Average flight time: Three hours

Spain is a much-loved destination for Britons, and even in the winter months, certain regions can offer a dose of vitamin D for weary visitors.

While the Costa Del Sol might prove a little chilly for swimming, average high temperatures can hit a comfortable 20 degrees Celsius in Malaga.

There is minimal rain during the winter months, with the inland destination of Seville experiencing an average of six days of monthly rain in November according to TailorMadeAndalucia.

The mild temperatures and lack of tourist foot traffic make November a perfect time to relax and unwind.

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Athens, Greece

Average flight time: Three hours and 30 minutes

Much like Lisbon, Athens enjoys sunny conditions and temperatures of around 17 degrees Celsius in November.

However, it may be a better option for those looking to splash in the sea, with water temperatures averaging at a high of 20 degrees Celsius in the winter months.

While most travellers may think of historical sights and Greek ruins when they consider Athens, there are a number of public beaches just out of the city that are perfect additions to a city break itinerary.

Glyfada beach, the nearest sandy stretch to the urban sprawl, is a 22-minute drive away.

Luckily, Athens is well connected, so even those without a car can reach the coastline by public transport.

Rome, Italy

Average flight time: Two hours and the 45 minutes

Rome is another metropolis that offers a sun-kissed city break with a twist.

Average highs in November hit a comfortable 15 degrees Celsius, meaning it’s warm enough to wander around without a jacket, but not so hot visitors will feel the need to hide in the shade.

However, the local sea temperatures are expected to be warmer than the outside temperatures, so if you’re looking for a city break with a side of swimming, that’s only a few hours away.

According to weather data, the average high water temperatures can hit a tepid 21 degrees Celsius in the winter months.

Tibidabo Beach is roughly a 53-minute drive from the city centre but offers a stunning setting to splash in the sea.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Flight time: Two hours and 30 minutes

Dubrovnik, a city perched on the Adriatic coastline of southern Croatia, is one of the nation’s most prominent tourist destinations.

The area offers a delightful mix of historic urban surroundings and gorgeous sandy stretches.

There is a 50 percent chance of a perfect sunny day and a 50 percent chance of seeing some clouds, with on average 40mm of rainfall in November, according to TUI.

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