Considering that at the level of Brașov municipality the cumulative incidence registered today, October 7, is of 6.01 / 1,000 inhabitants, and the address of the Institution of the Prefect regarding the obligatory measures that the Local Committees for Emergency Situations have the obligation to take to reach this threshold, starting today, October 7, establishes the obligation to wear a protective mask in all open public spaces. Persons who carry out activities, including sports, individually or together with the persons with whom they live are exempted from the obligation to wear a protective mask in open public spaces.
This measure is applied in accordance with the provisions of Joint Order no. 2024/147 / 05.10.2021, of the Minister of Health, interim, and of the Minister of Internal Affairs to complete the Order of the Minister of Health and the Minister of Internal Affairs no. 874/81/2020, regarding the establishment of the obligation to wear a protective mask, of the epidemiological triage and the obligatory disinfection of the hands in order to prevent the contamination with the Sars-Cov-2 virus during the alert state.
The County Committee for Emergency Situations will be convened on Friday, October 8, to order the other measures that apply in case the cumulative incidence exceeds 6 cases / 1,000 inhabitants.

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