Author: Adi MARICA
Coach Ilie Stan had a big surprise this morning. Dismissed on Monday by President Ioan Mărginean, Ilie Stan did his job and led the team’s training on Monday afternoon. This morning, Ilie Stan showed up at the Tineretului stadium to lead the first training session of the day, but the coach was stopped at the entrance to the stadium by the representatives of a security company. “You are not on the list! We have a notification that you are suspended. We really have no guilt! If you have any questions, contact those in charge! “, The representatives of the security company sent to the coach. Ilie Stan could not believe that he was not allowed access to the stadium and talked to the bodyguards. “I’m coming to work! What, did I steal something? This project is made on the work of me and my colleagues! Who is Mr. Mărginean? This is where the mayor decides! It’s incredible what’s happening! Make fun of a man who worked here for two months with these guys, where I was a doctor and a masseur and a cook, and come now and kick me out! Where we are? It’s a project for 3 years! Such a thing is inadmissible, we are in Romania, a civilized country! How is it possible to be fired by email? Where we are? To make fun of you in such a way ”! , said Ilie Stan, who made his cross several times. Ilie Stan was given a chance to change things around. The training was led by Andrei Șanta, Romeo Surdu and Casian Maghici.

PHOTO + VIDEO: Express Monitor

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