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l Ilie Stan will test his players who played less in the friendly with Sepsi OSK 2
l The two teams dueled again this summer, and Andrași and Mărginean had a dispute then

Ilie Stan led the first training session last night after the failure on Friday of the match with Steaua, score 0-1. For Tuesday, Ilie Stan decided that the starters of the match with Steaua will train in the morning, and the reserves and players who played less at the start of this season will play a friendly match in Sfântu Gheorghe with Sepsi OSK 2. In the friendly with Sepsi OSK 2 will also be tested Gambian midfielder Bakary Jaiteh (21 years old). Bakary arrived in Brasov last week and hopes to convince Ilie Stan of his qualities. Former player at Pandurii last season, Bakary claims that, before coming to Brașov, he was in rehearsals at BK Häcken, a team from the Swedish first league. “I was in rehearsals at BK Häcken, but I could not sign because the transfer period ended. We remained on good terms with those there and we were left to get in touch next year. Until then, I want to play, because only by having standing matches will I be able to get a place in the Gambia National Team for the 2022 Africa Cup. A friend from Romania told me about FC Brașov and that’s how he got here. I hope to convince the coach that I can play for FC Brașov “, said Bakari, who has 3 selections in the Gambia national team. The Africa Cup of Nations (CAN) will take place in Cameroon from January 9 to February 6, 2022. The competition was supposed to take place this year, but was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. If Bakari signs with FC Brașov, most likely Gheorghe Anton will leave the scheme, especially since the midfielder from the Republic of Moldova did not convince in Brașov.

Lemon, waited with open arms by Andrași

FC Brașov and Sepsi OSK 2 will meet again after almost two months. At the end of July, the two teams played a friendly on Tineretului, a game won by Brasov with 5-3, but the friendly was prefaced by a dispute between the officials of the two teams, Ioan Mărginean, respectively Alexandru Andrași. The reason? Equipment color! “Organizing the match in Brasov was a disaster. We arrived at the stadium at 9:00, and five minutes before the start of the game, the referee noticed that both teams had red equipment and did not want to start the game. That’s when Mărginean appeared on the field. I told him that we came to Brașov for this friendly in the traditional equipment of the club, in red and white, especially since I know that FC Brașov has the traditional yellow-black equipment. Mărginean thought he was talking to someone on the street! “, Said, then, Sandu Andrași. Now, Andrași says that “Limoniu” is welcome at Sfântu Gheorghe. “I am waiting for him with open arms. I will talk to Ilie Stan in order to avoid the organizational problems from the friendly in Brașov “, said Andrași. The friendly match between Sepsi OSK 2, the leader of C5, and FC Brașov, will be played today, from 16.00, on the second field of the sports base of Covasna.

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