Invited to the set of the show Punttul on AZi from TVR Moldova, the Secretary of State of the Department for Relations with the Republic of Moldova, Adrian Dupu, mentioned that the joint socio-humanitarian, educational, cultural projects, cooperation between the two states and especially the interconnection of infrastructure between Romania and the Republic of Moldova is very important.

“We are going to implement a project to discourage school dropout and to encourage the literacy rate, a project addressed to students in small classes. We have media projects, in which we support the Romanian language media. We have 5 pillars that we finance. It is the media, it is education, culture, history and spirituality. All the aid that comes from Europe and the West to the Republic of Moldova has no equivalent from the east. Over the years we see the investments that have been made in the Republic of Moldova. All the money that came from Romania, from the EU, from the USA, not even 10% is found in the money that Russia has invested in the Republic of Moldova, in infrastructure projects, not propaganda. Romania and the European Union have shown a lot of responsibility, but also a special care for the Republic of Moldova. It is very important to connect our infrastructure. Regardless of the fact that in Romania there is a political crisis at the moment, Romania is still ready to be with the Republic of Moldova “, said Adrian Dupu.

Given that Russian propaganda continues to be extremely visible on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, the Bucharest authorities should support the Romanian press in Barasabia, so that society can cope with this propaganda that floods the media space for three decades.

“Harmful propaganda is part of a hybrid war that floods the media space in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. The situation must be managed very quickly. We need a plan and a certain type of strategy, we need solutions against hybrid warfare. Aggression is carried out through hybrid warfare, through information, through information malformation. We have enormous problems from this point, in Romania, including in fighting the pandemic “, mentioned the ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania, the president of PMP, Cristian Diaconescu.

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