Several serious accidents occurred this morning on Romanian roads.

A serious road accident took place this morning on County Road 104, between Comăna de Jos and Venice, in Brașov County, the police announced.

From the first information, a truck transporting cement overturned outside the roadway. Traffic is blocked by law enforcement.

UPDATE: The victim was found in cardio-respiratory arrest. Unfortunately, despite the efforts of medical staff, the victim did not respond to resuscitation maneuvers and was pronounced dead.

The SMURD helicopter was called

Another serious accident occurred in Arad County, on National Road 7, at the exit from Nădlac to Pecica. A car entered a tree and one person was imprisoned.

Several SMURD crews and the SMURD helicopter immediately went to the scene to release the release.

The driver of the car, a female person, is unconscious and imprisoned, ISU Arad announced.

Road accident with two horses left free

The rescuers also intervened in case of a road accident in Căsciorele locality, Giurgiu county. From the first information, there are two injured people and a car and two horses left free, unattended, are involved.

Garda Potlogi operates on the spot with a water and foam fire truck and a SMURD ambulance, the Titu detachment with a release truck and an SAJ Giurgiu ambulance.

The traffic police have opened an investigation following this accident and are continuing their investigations to see who is to blame.

Road accident, on DN 61, in Milcovățu locality

A road train and a car were involved. Firefighters from the Mihăilești Intervention Guard went to the scene, with a water and foam fire truck, equipped with a release mode, a SMURD crew, and an ambulance was present from SAJ GR.

A 65-year-old woman in the car was picked up by the SAJ crew and transported to the hospital. The driver of the car, aged approx. The 67-year-old was taken over by the SMURD crew and transported to the UPU.

The driver of the dump truck, approx. 55 years old, was monitored on the spot.

Intervention was taken to ensure PSI measures at the scene of the accident.

Fire missions in the last 24 hours

During yesterday, at national level, over 1,400 people received emergency medical assistance from SMURD crews, it is shown in an IGSU communiqué.

The last 24 hours were demanding for SMURD crews from all over the country, the most numerous missions for providing emergency medical assistance being carried out in the Bucharest-Ilfov area (336), followed by the counties of Cluj (72), Mureș (65) and Timiș ( 61).

In addition to these situations, firefighters intervened to extinguish 157 fires, as well as in another 190 interventions in support of communities. Also, the release crews were asked to intervene in 10 cases, in order to extract the victims from the contorted beasts of the cars involved in road accidents.

A relevant intervention, managed yesterday, took place in Brașov County, where firefighters were asked to intervene to locate and extinguish a fire that occurred at an office building in Brasov. Intervention forces arrived at the scene and found that the fire was manifested on the facade of the building, on an area of ​​about 100 square meters. The fire was extinguished within the found limits, without any casualties.

A mission, which resulted in the loss of a life, took place in Brăila County, within the locality of Stăncuța, where a car overturned outside the roadway. Two people were involved in the road accident. Despite all the efforts of rescuers, one of them lost his life and the other victim was transported to hospital.

At the same time, in the last 24 hours, 13 warning messages were sent to the population through the RO-ALERT system, as follows: 12 messages regarding the presence of wild animals (bears), in the counties of Bacău (1), Brașov (4), Bistrița Năsăud ( 1), Covasna (1), Harghita (1), Mureș (2), Neamț (2); 1 message regarding the incidence of SARS-CoV-2 spread in Satu Mare county.

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