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“Limoniu” announced the dismissal of the coach, but Ilie Stan continued his activity and led the training yesterday afternoon!

The tumultuous relationship between the president and the coach at FC Brașov ended abruptly. “Limoniu” took the bull by the horns and decided to dismiss the coach. Even if he says that the decision belongs to him 100%, it is hard to believe that Mărginean did not receive the approval of the mayor Allen Coliban.

Dismiss with a smile on his face

Extremely well disposed, Mărginean held, yesterday morning, a press conference at the club’s headquarters, in which he announced the unilateral termination of the contract of coach Ilie Stan. “I terminated Ilie Stan’s contract. I announced FRF, I also sent the coach’s decision by e-mail, but also by courier, with a signature of receipt, that I concluded the contractual relations with Ilie Stan. I made this decision alone, because in the job description I am responsible for everything that happens at FC Brașov in terms of sports. I make this decision. I want to thank Ilie Stan for everything he has done so far at FC Brașov. Given that we have few points, only 9 out of 27, and fire matches are coming, we believe and hope for a recovery of the team. It takes a shock to the team. In the shortest time we will establish who will be the new coach “, said Mărginean, who admitted that there were communication problems. “We couldn’t get along at all!”

Ilie Stan does not give up

However, the separation between FC Brașov and Ilie Stan is not so simple, because the coach, to whom the contract termination documents were sent by e-mail and mail, does not agree with the termination proposed to him. Moreover, in case of termination of the coach’s commitment, the club undertakes to pay Ilie Stan the contract in full within 15 days! Although there were rumors that Ilie Stan would have a termination clause of about 300,000 euros, Mărginean categorically denied. “There is no clause of 300,000 euros. Ilie Stan had another 10 months contract with FC Brașov. Let’s see if through this notification we will reach the FRF Commissions “, says the president of FC Brașov. Ilie Stan’s staff included Romeo Surdu, Casian Maghici, as “seconds”, Andrei Șanta, as goalkeeping coach, and Florin Drăghici, as physical trainer. “We will discuss with those from Ilie Stan’s staff to see what they want. Maybe some will want to continue, others may decide to leave with the coach. We will have a discussion with them and we will decide “. Andrei Șanta was commissioned by the club’s leaders to lead the training sessions until the installation of a new coach. It’s just that, surprise, Ilie Stan also showed up at the stadium and he led the training yesterday afternoon! After a 30-minute session in which he seriously reprimanded his players for the failure with Astra, Ilie Stan led the training. Mărginean did not appear at the training at the Youth Stadium!

Mărginean wants a coach “on our model”

On Mărginean’s list are some interesting names, among which Viorel Moldovan, Marius Lăcătuș, Bogdan Andone, Mihai Teja, Cornel Țălnar or Adrian Falub. Surprisingly, Limoniu’s favorite would be Vergil Andronache, the former coach of FCSB! It would not exclude the option of the return of Călin Moldovan, the one who promoted the team in the 2nd League. Asked if he wants a coach with personality, or a coach like “keychain”, Mărginean said that: “I don’t know what a keychain coach means. I’m looking for the one who can succeed. There are many options at this time. I have worked with many coaches. We want to bring a coach on our model. I want to leave the stadium happy after the matches. I have not controlled any coach in my entire career. With Edi Iordănescu, I think it was an escape (no – Edi Iordănescu said that he fired Mărginean from a training session when he was a coach at Gaz Metan Mediaș). I had the office in the stadium. I argued with him, we reconciled, but we also achieved our goal! ”, Said Mărginean. With 9 points, FC Brașov is on the 15th place in the League 2 ranking, and in the 10th round it will play at home with Petrolul, the leader of the 2nd League.

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