The Bermuda Triangle is located off the southeast coast of the United States, in the Atlantic Ocean, between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico, the region has become the center of unsolved mysteries. Covering an area of ​​440,000 miles of sea, it is part of a very frequented maritime route, being crossed every day by several ships bound for America, Europe and the Caribbean.

Researchers have not found an explanation after several ships and aircraft mysteriously disappeared and never returned. The Devil’s Triangle has been blamed for the disappearance of thousands in recent decades.

Specialists and people who have heard of these disappearances have started looking for explanations. Many people said it was a hole in the center of the earth, others that it was aliens or that there were paranormal activities.

Find out 3 shocking things about the Bermuda Triangle:

1. Mary Celeste

The story of this ship is one of the most mysterious so far. It was drifting elsewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. The ship was found intact on December 4, 1872, without a single scratch, but its crew has not been found to this day.

Studies have ruled out the possibility of a pirate attack, because the whole ship was perfect, just like on departure.

Following the disappearance, several legends emerged that it was a criminal hand, an alien abduction or the attack of a huge squid.

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2.Ellen Austin

It is a disturbing mystery triangle associated with the American white oak schooner Ellen Austin. In 1881, Ellen Austin, 210 feet long, was on her way to New York from London, but things changed when she came across an abandoned ship near the Bermuda Triangle. The ship was in good condition, but the crew was completely missing.

People saw the ship floating without any destination several times, but no one was on board. The disappearance and reappearance of the ship, as well as the absence of the crew is a very attractive story for most. Researchers say it is a mystery of the Bermuda Triangle without even a concrete explanation.

3. Witchcraft

On December 22, 1967, a cabin cruise ship called the Witchcraft set sail from Miami with its captain Dan Burack and his friend Father Patrick Horgan.

Their walk was aimed at admiring the Christmas lights in Miami. Just minutes after departure, the ship’s captain said: the cruiser hit something, but it showed no signs of blows.

The coast guard set out to check the ship, but it disappeared completely and was not found until 2021.

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