The fourth pandemic wave COVID-19 is going through different phases in the states of Central and Eastern Europe. In the Republic of Moldova, it started in July 2021 and is obviously imported, related to the movement of people during the summer holidays. Thus, between July and October, 1259 cases of imports of COVID-19 from over 40 countries were registered. The findings are contained in an analytical note, prepared by the Association for Participatory Democracy ADEPT. According to the authors, the evolution of the fourth pandemic wave took place against the background of declining population interest in the immunization process, IPN reports.

The analytical note states that the decrease in the number of immunizations probably has a major impact on the duration of the spread of the fourth pandemic wave, which is already in its fourth month. Statistical data show that in the last week of October the situation was reversed, in the Republic of Moldova and Romania there was a decrease in COVID-19 cases by 14% and 19%, respectively.

The Republic of Moldova is in the middle of the ranking regarding the contamination rate, being on a downward slope. However, the number of fatal cases from COVID-19 increased by 10% in the last week of October.

According to medical experts, vaccination remains the most effective remedy against COVID-19. Unfortunately, the Republic of Moldova remains at the bottom of the ranking in terms of immunization rate.

The authors also point out that, although vaccination is very important in the process of combating the pandemic, in any case, compliance with the restrictions imposed by state authorities is also very important. The portal estimated the average index of the rigor of protection measures imposed by the authorities in different states, based on nine indicators, including school closures, the imposition of distance work, travel bans, etc. The restrictions imposed by the authorities of the Republic of Moldova are of a very low rigor, compared to those in Latvia. In the Republic of Moldova, the authorities barely intend to impose the obligation of the COVID-19 certificate for access to the workplace, but this intention is contested by the National Confederation of Employers.

In October, the number of contaminations in the administrative-territorial units was different. “It is noteworthy that on September 19 – October 3 in Gagauzia elections were held for the People’s Assembly of the region, and statistics show that the conduct of the election campaign in compliance with protection measures against COVID-19 had no negative impact on the state epidemiological measures in the region “, the note states. It is distinguished that in ATU Gagauzia, where elections took place, the contamination rate increased in October by only 15%, compared to the whole country, where the increase was 60%.

The ADEPT analytical note is developed within the project “Increasing public control over the activity of central public authorities in managing the COVID-19 crisis”, with the support of the Embassy of the United States of America in the Republic of Moldova.

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