Visiting any country you want to get to enjoy a holistic image of what it is, its urban and natural beauties, and the atmosphere that connects them all. The big advantage of a holiday in Romania is that you can reach very different landscapes and environments in a couple of hours.

This variety is what makes it, the
perfect place to plan your next trip. I’d like to point you in the right direction, with the best of what Romania has
to offer. Your trip can include all, a few or just one of the suggestions on our

So here are the must-see

Capital City: Bucharest

The first and most obvious
location is, of course, the capital of Romania. It’s an interesting city and a
great place to start your Romanian

The international airport will
make it easy for you to get a flight directly here. Accommodations include
everything from top 5 star hotels,
high-end apartments to simple hostels

The multifaceted Bucharest has
many things to offer, some aspects include:

  • Different styles of
  • Great parks for
    outdoor fun
  • Monarchist and
    Communist history
  • Impressive Museums
  • Great food, beer, and
  • Lively nightlife
  • And more.

A great way to get to understand the
best of what Romania has to offer, it’s to understand
its history
. One era that had a huge impact on the capital is the Communist

We can give you an insight into what that meant through our “Last Days of Communism tour”. Even if you are in the capital for only a few hours, you can get a full experience.

You’ll find out what were the achievements of the period, see the balcony where Ceausescu, the dictator, used to address the people and visit the insides of the Parliament Palace.

Beyond the capital, there are many other attractions you need to see
with your own eyes. The great advantage is that they are only a few hours’
drives away.

Here’s what you can visit next.

Medieval Towns and Castles of Transylvania

Everybody’s heard about vampires
and their connection to the Romanian
region, Transylvania

The original inspiration comes
from the medieval feel of the towns and castles in the area. All of which, you
should visit while in Romania. The list of attractions we recommend in the area

  • Brasov
  • Bran Castle
  • Sighisoara
  • Peleș Castle
  • Sibiu
  • Corviniilor Castle
  • Cantacuzino Castle

If you are interested in traveling
back in time and believe in the magic of stories with beautiful princesses and
brave knights, then you should visit
this area in July
. It’s the time of year when the best of what Romania has
to offer comes out in the medieval
that takes place in Sighișoara.

It is not the only festival in the region, but it is the most popular one. All year long the gates of the Castles are open for all tourists to visit. So you can find out their tales.

The Bran Castle, the home of
Dracula, alongside Peleș Castle, the Romanians royal family summer residence and many other
fortresses are waiting for you to enter into their story.

We can plan a 3 days tour for you to visit all the important parts of medieval Transylvania. You can book the tour now.

To be closer to nature rather than
brick walls and cities, you should consider the next items on the list.

The Most Beautiful Roads in the Carpathian Mountains

Romania has something to offer to passionate drivers and mountain climbers as well. According to the Top Gear team, we have the Perfect Road.

The view you’ll see while driving
up and down the mountain will not be done justice by any picture as much as
we’d like. In the early hours of the mourning, the top hill is usually cold and
foggy from the Bâlea

For a few months of the year around Bâlea Lake, there is an Ice hotel where you can enjoy the best of what Romania has to offer in the winter months. That includes all the amenities any good accommodation usually offers.

“Hundreds of corners, dissecting a section of eye-wateringly pretty Carpathian mountain range”

But Transfăgărășan
is not the only great road in Romania. The Transalpine road presents another
unique landscape and good driving experience.

To visit this incredible road, the city of Sibiu, and see the great landscapes I’ve described even if you don’t have a car, you can book our tour. We’ll pick you up at your accommodation in Bucharest and show you everything.

If you prefer spending time in
nature and hiking up mountains, the same area has a lot to offer. There are
numerous natural parks across the whole country, which let you explore the
Carpathian Mountains up close:

  • Bucegi Natural Park
  • Piatra Craiului National Park
  • Moldovan Mountain Pick
  • Putna-Vrancea National Park
  • Cozia National Park
  • Retezat National Park
  • Apuseni National Park

The activities here vary depending
on the specific area and the season. Everything from mountain biking, rock climbing, wildlife watching and visiting caves
in the spring and summer, but during winter you can enjoy skiing,
skiing, snowboarding or ice skating

Nature and Water in the Danube Delta

With over 23 ecosystems, the Danube Delta houses numerous plants and wildlife. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is one of the most well-preserved deltas in all of Europe. It’s also one of the main reasons it is part of our list of the best of what Romania has to offer.

It takes up over 5000 square
kilometers, giving a home to over 300 species of birds that mostly feed with
the 45 species of fresh-water fish.

You’ll be shocked by how different the landscape is to what you might be used to. Boats are the main transportation system across the delta. We recommend you visit during the springtime so the mosquitos won’t be a big issue.

Many traditional guesthouses and floating hotels can give you a taste of
a fresh fish specialty and many local foods.

To spend at least a couple of hours in the extraordinary natural oasis of the Danube Delta, you can book our tour now.

You can also start your own adventure
in Tulcea, a port that is only two-hour’ drive from Constanta. This brings us
to the next suggestion on our list.

The Casino in Constanta
and the Sea Side Relaxation

One easy recognizable Romanian historic moment is the Casino
building in Constanta. It was built in Art Nouveau architecture and inaugurated
in 1910. It is iconic because it’s an eye-catching two-story building with
impressive architectural elements, placed
on the edge of the sea

The architects incorporated a maritime theme on the front
and the interior decorations, starting
with the surreal shell windows facing the Black Sea.
It’s what makes it the
best of what Romania has to offer in terms of historical buildings.

During the First and Second World War, it was used as a war hospital and then in the communist era became an administrative building.

Unfortunately, after 1988 the building has not been restored
because of the substantial financial burden it would represent. It’s a dramatic
end for a building with over one hundred years of history.

Some other touristic attractions you need to visit while in
Constanta, include:

  • The Museum of Archeology and History Constanta
  • The Roman Edifice with Mosaic
  • The Statue of Ovidius
  • The Muslim Mosque
  • The Orthodox Cathedral
  • And The Aquarium

We’ll make sure you get to see them all in one day if you are staying in Bucharest. Just book our tour and we’ll take care of everything.

If all you had in mind for your vacation is to bake in the sun and leaving all your
worries behind
, Romania’s got your back.

From Cape Midia to Vama Veche, there are 245 kilometers of
coast to help you enjoy the summer months. You can attend music festivals while you are here, including:

  • Sunwaves
  • Neversea
  • Out of Doors Fest
  • The Color Run Mamaia
  • Dobrojazz
  • Dakini Festival
  • Folk You.

On most beaches, you can rent a lounge chair under an umbrella or a baldachin and enjoy your drinks. In-between swimming sprees you can get a few snacks from the locals, like corn on cobs or salted fried hams.

For some family fun, you can take a one day pass for at the Aqua
Magic Mamaia park
or the Eforie Aqua
. The prices vary from 50-80 RON per day per adult and 30-40 RON per
day per child under 150 cm in height, depending on the month you visit in.

The Best of What
Romania Has to Offer

From mountains to sun-kissed beaches, Romania has it all. Depending
on your preferences you’ll find a place
you’ll love in this complex and charming country
. You can choose one or all
of them to depend on how many days you plan on staying.

Plan on visiting multiple destinations? We can offer you the best deal. Drop us a message and we will help you plan your visit to Romania.

Just come and enjoy
the best of what Romania has to offer

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