The Aerotravel travel agency, which offers business travel services and corporate events, has become the exclusive representative of Travel Leaders in Romania, a company with a turnover of 20 billion dollars, which provides tourism services and products globally.

Aerotravel is one of the most important travel management companies in Romania, which offers business travel services, corporate events, conferences and reward programs. At the beginning of 2019, the company entered a new stage of development, when it signed the partnership with Travel Leaders, thus becoming the exclusive representative in Romania of one of the largest networks of travel agencies in the USA.

“This partnership supports our mission to provide business travel services to any corner of the world, both local and international customers. Travel Leaders gives us an opening to the global corporate travel market, allows us to have access to technology, to suppliers and partners with whom we can grow our business globally, “said Antonio Nitu, CEO of Aerotravel.

He specified that for Aerotravel customers, the partnership with Travel Leaders means services at high standards, state-of-the-art technology and access to global tourism service providers.

“When I say technology, I do not mean an online booking site. Business travel involves the implementation of platforms used by both consultants and our clients, who beyond booking travel, give them full control over transactions. We are talking about efficiency maximum, integrated payment and reporting systems “, explained Antonio Nitu.

According to a KPMG study, travel budgets rank fourth in companies’ spending. “Our role is to optimally manage these budgets,” added Antonio Nitu, who noted that depending on the size of the company, the volume of trips and the type of destinations, Aerotravel calibrates a customized solution that combines and maximizes the benefits of online booking tools and applications. mobile passenger and reporting software solutions.

The Aerotravel Group includes the national network specialized in business tourism and corporate events (which communicates through the Travel Leaders Romania brand and, the leisure agencies organized around the Fabrica de vacante brand and the two tour operators AeroVacante and CruiseHub.

Aerotravel, which is in the top 3 business travel agencies and corporate events in Romania, has growing sales, from 35 million euros in 2017 to 40 million euros in 2018. “In Romania, Aerotravel has a share 15% of Aerotravel’s sales come from the corporate area. For 2019, the Aerotravel Group estimates sales of 45 million euros and 160,000 passengers, up 10,000 from 2018 ” , said Antonio Nitu.

Travel Leaders Network is one of the largest providers of tourism services and products globally, with millions of individual customers (leisure tourism) and companies (business tourism) each year. Currently, the network includes over 560 travel agencies and 42,000 specialists. In the United States alone, Travel Leaders has an annual sales volume of about $ 20 billion, representing the largest revenue agency for travel agents in North America.

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“We are extremely pleased with the partnership with Aerotravel and the opportunity to offer our services to customers in Romania. Travel Leaders offers coherent and complete solutions for tourism services and products, supported by an innovative approach and a set of proven best practices. “All of this will give Aerotravel consultants a competitive edge, as they will be able to provide customers with value-added services that are available globally,” said Roger Block, president of Travel Leaders Network.

According to Buying Business Travel, Travel Leaders Network and Travel Leaders Corporate are members of the Travel Leaders Group, which is in the top of travel agencies according to Travel Weekly, as well as in the top of travel management companies.

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