Business travel has marked a significant increase during this year, Germany’s airline Lufthansa has confirmed through a statement.

According to Lufthansa Group, a total of 11 billion euros revenue has been generated from January until September 2021, reports.

“Adjusted EBIT improved to -1.6 billion euros excluding restructuring costs of 520 million euros (prior year: -4.0 billion euros). Including these restructuring costs, it amounted to -2.1 billion euros (prior year: -4.2 billion euros). Net income for the first three quarters of the year was -1.9 billion euros (prior year: -5.6 billion euros),” the statement published by Lufthansa reads.

Such figures, according to the airline, have been reached after travellers’ desire to visit other countries as well, and the relaxing of travel restrictions have led to an increase in the demand for air travel during the summer months.

Besides, Lufthansa Group generated an operating profit during the third quarter of this year for the first time since the start of the pandemic, despite “high restricting expenses weighing on the result.”

In this regard, the CEO of Lufthansa, Carsten Spohr, recently stressed that business travel is recovering faster than expected.

Authorities in Lufthansa have also reported that there has been an increase in new bookings, reaching about 80 per cent of the pre-pandemic level. Such an increase is mainly the result of the easing of travel restrictions, especially from the US authorities.

The recent report of the Lufthansa group also stressed that during the third quarter of this year,  capacity offered, measured in passenger-kilometres, was 50 per cent of the pre-pandemic situation, about twice the increase compared to the second quarter.

Lufthansa Group has carried a total of 19.6 million passengers during July, August and September, representing 46 per cent of the pre-pandemic level in quarter three, 2019.

In addition, the seat load factor was 68.8 per cent, or 17.4 percentage points higher compared to quarter two, 2021 figures.

For this year, the airline expects a year-on-year increase in the group revenue and reduction of the Adjusted EBIT loss to less than half compared to the prior year’s figures.

However, despite the recent increase last month, it was reported that strikes of the cabin crew union of  Lufthansa led thousands of passengers to lose their flights.

Even though passengers have been waiting for the compensation for two years now, following the European Union laws regarding passenger rights, such a process has not been finalized yet.

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