In a damning report, German publication ‘Stern’ has labelled the UK a “high-risk area” due to “Brexit complications.” Warnings begin with huge queues at petrol stations and empty shelves in supermarkets in an apparent attempt to dissuade travellers from even considering visiting the UK.

Speaking of the problems faced at border control points, a report by the German Foreign Ministry states: “At ports, at the Eurotunnel and at airports, long waiting times are to be expected.”

Speaking of the checks made by Border Force officers, the report reminded EU citizens that ID cards were no longer valid documents to enter the UK.

It said: “Since October 1, 2021, ID cards are no longer recognised for entry into Great Britain.”

“Passports are now required even for transit travellers who, for example, change at Heathrow Airport for an onward flight to Ireland.”

“This requirement applies to all citizens of the European Union and is a consequence of Brexit.”

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The German report also took aim at the NHS.

It said: “The UK healthcare system is also suffering from massive staff shortages.”

“In addition, there are supply bottlenecks for everyday goods, which can be traced back to a tightening of the immigration rules through more customs duties and bureaucracy.

“There is a lack of truck drivers who supply supermarkets with groceries and petrol stations with fuel, which is also felt by travellers who come to the country with their own cars.”

It added: “In the hotels and the service sector there is a shortage of workers who, until recently, could easily be recruited from EU countries.”

The report also addressed the requirements surrounding entry during the ongoing Covid pandemic.

“Fully vaccinated people who have the digital Covid certificate from the EU and whose last vaccination was at least 14 days ago are not subject to any compulsory testing before entry and do not have to quarantine.”

“However, this group of people must undergo a COVID-19 test within two days of entry.”

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“This test must be registered, paid for and entered in the Passenger Locator form in advance,” advised the warning to those wishing to come.

The report also did not hesitate to criticise the Prime Minister.

It said: “Prime Minister Boris Johnson does not see the cause of the current problems in the exit from the EU, but rather as a consequence of the pandemic.”

Taking a jab at the UK leaving the EU, the German publication also mentioned how much Britain would lose financially from Brexit.

It said: “Experts estimate that the gross domestic product will decrease by four percent due to the separation from Europe.”

Richard Hughes, the head of the British Court of Auditors in an interview with the BBC: “Brexit has worse long-term and medium-term consequences for the country’s economy than the pandemic.”

Aiming to further spread fear of travelling to the UK, the German Foreign Ministry is also advising Germans against all non-necessary travel to Britain.

The German publication said: “The conditions for the once-popular weekend trip to London are anything but favourable at the moment.”

The German Foreign Ministry added: “We are currently cautioning against unnecessary tourist travel to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the British overseas territories including Gibraltar, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.”

Additional reporting by Monika Pallenberg.

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