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Brașov Raluca Olteanu Wed, 18 Aug 2021, 16:08

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The P&P company also ticks a win in court against the Brașov Local Council, in the “war” on the management of public paid parking spaces in the municipality.

In fact, the Brașov Court of Appeal upheld, today, the decision of the Covasna Tribunal to annul the Decision of the Local Council by which the public parking concession contract, concluded with P&P, was terminated.

Here is today’s decision of the Court of Appeal:

Estimated time: 09:00
Complete: RV3 (2021)
Solution type: Dismissal of the appeal
The solution in brief: Rejects the appeal filed by the appellant of the Local Council of Braşov Municipality against the civil sentence no. 653 / 28.06.2021 pronounced by the Covasna Tribunal. Definitive. Delivered by making the solution available to the parties through the court registry, today 18.08.2021.
Document: Decision 500/2021 18.08.2021 ”.

The trial on the merits is to be judged at the Covasna Tribunal.

We remind you that, after a period in which no fee was charged for paid parking spaces in the city of Brașov, P&P resumed this service, from July 1. Payment is mandatory 24 hours a day, after CL Brașov also lost the process regarding the charging period.

All the files registered at the Covasna Tribunal, in this fight between the Municipality and P&P, can be found HERE.


According to Mayor Allen Coliban, “today’s solution only concerns the request to suspend the decision of the Local Council approving the termination. The decision of the Local Council was not annulled, it is still legal, until a final court decision is pronounced on the request for annulment. In addition, there is a request for the relocation of today’s case before the High Court of Cassation and Justice. If this request is accepted, today’s decision will be annulled, and the appeal will be retrialed by a new court “.

According to City Hall representatives, „ethere are too many coincidences in certain decisions and so I requested the relocation from the Brașov Court of Appeal elsewhere. There is a long way to go until the end of this fight with P&P. We are just beginning, we were expecting a fight for life and death, given that it is tens of millions of euros in the middle that the company P&P would have won without respecting the contract, so without respecting the citizens ” .

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