Preetedintele rus Vladimir Putin wanted that his country to ine in the NATO, dar free to go through the usual process of aderare next to dit’s “a lot of countries that don’t matter”, spune George Robertson, former general secretary of the alliance nord-atlantice, quoted de The Guardian.

George Robertson, ex minister Labor of Defense, which led NATO between 1999 and 2003, a SAPS that Putin made it clear at their first meeting that he wanted Russia sto bee o parte a OccideNtuli.

Au wanted to be a part of that Killent safe, stable and prosperous in the which Russia was not at the time, “he said.

Robertson spoke despre one of the firstele meetings with Putin after Ce aceis became president in 2000. Putin a inebat: “When will you invite us to join NATO?” and Robertson i-a answer: „Nand we do not invite oameso to aderand NATO, ei asks to join. ” RePutin’s envelope: “Well, no vrem to stand in line with a lote dit’s countries that don’t matter. “

Affirmationse to Robertson correspond to declarificationse madee dIt’s Putin in an interview pentru BBC, shortly before to be stilleput the first term dHe’s been president for 21 years. Putin said then that it does not rule out NATO membership “if and when Russia’s views are considered to be those of an equal partner.”

Preetedintele Russian I sayethen he can’te NATO image approxe an enemy and that “Russia is part of European culture.”

I can’t imagine my own country being isolated from Europe and what we often call the civilized world, “he said.

Declarificationse his Robertson take out in eateNTA the way Putin’s vision it changed during Russia’s 21 years of uninterrupted rule.
After the protests
from the time During the 2004 Ukrainian Orange Revolution, Putin became increasingly suspicious of the West, accusing him of dis the funding of pro-democracy NGOs. He was even more upset pentru NATO’s continued expansion in Central and Eastern Europe: Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania chose to join the alliance in 2004; Croatia and Albania followed in 2009. Georgia and Ukraine were promised accession in 2008, but were left out. NATO.

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