A Briton whose motorcycle was stolen in July 2020 found out that it is in Romania and, because he failed to solve the situation remotely, he came to the country to recover it from his thieves. He was helped by the policemen from Matca commune and managed to get her back, informs IPJ Galați.

Kelston Chorley lost his AJP PR7 motorcycle when his garage was broken in July 2020. Subsequently, the man found out with the help of members of a Facebook forum that his motorcycle arrived in Eastern Europe and is on sale, informs Motorcycle News.

“It looks like a guy from Romania has my motorcycle,” says Chorley in a video clip posted on YouTube, in which he documented his adventure coming to Romania.

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As the remote communication with the authorities did not work, the Briton boarded the plane and came to Romania.

“I talked to the Interpol office there and they weren’t very helpful, I talked to the police there and they weren’t interested, I talked to my insurance company and no results,” says Chorley. “So people can steal and send things to Eastern Europe and no one will do anything. Isn’t it sad?” Says the Briton.

On October 18, the British man showed up at the headquarters of the Matca Police Station, telling the police about the incident in 2020 and presenting them with the complaint submitted to the British authorities. At the same time, he reported that he found on a sales site an ad in which a person was selling a motorcycle identical to the stolen one, the ad coming from the Tecuci municipality area.

Following the investigative activities, the policemen of the Matca Police Station established that the motorcycle is at the home of a 28-year-old man from the locality, who declared that he would have purchased it, during 2020, from the car fair within the municipality. Focsani, from an unknown person, to whom he would have paid the amount of 2,000 euros and with whom he would not have concluded any sale-purchase deed.

Police picked up the motorcycle, which turned out to be the one stolen from England, and returned it to the owner, and the investigation will establish how the vehicle came into the possession of the citizen of Matca.

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