November 2, 2021, 7:22 p.m. editorial office

The United States and Canada are the countries where truck driver work is among the highest paid in the world, especially when it comes to special transportation or more difficult destinations. And that is what has attracted a lot of people from Eastern Europe, who have immigrated overseas, to work in this field. And then, those North American trucks have a special magic, which inspires both durability in difficult conditions and simplicity in operation, packed with much better comfort conditions.

Well, the video below is a very crude one, but it was filmed by just such a driver from Eastern Europe, set over the ocean, who wanted to show the conditions of an ordinary winter day on a route considered demanding and difficult. He travels in a group with other truck drivers, whom he knows, which is highly recommended in such conditions, or so you can have the guarantee of immediate mutual help. The destination was Alaska, and to get there, you have to cross all of Canada, from its southern border to the northern, on the western side. At the time of filming, the group was on Route 37 in a mountainous region of British Columbia, and they were hit by a heavy snowstorm.

How do those classic American trucks cope with such conditions? As good as possible, especially if they have chains, as recommended in such regions and conditions. But anyway, from the whole flow of trucks, especially when climbing slopes, there were trucks that skidded to the side and blocked the road. And from here begins a whole epic of mutual towing, of help. They help everyone, whether they come from Eastern Europe, other regions or are locals. Canada is far too diverse, especially for professionals in this industry. So the spirit of collegiality becomes stronger, somehow, when the conditions for advancement become more difficult, and everyone wants to be able to move forward well.

So below is more of a raw vlog for such a driver. English is spoken, with some portions of interaction in Russian. As the truck driver says, it’s just an ordinary day in unusual conditions on one of Canada’s wildest and most dangerous roads to Alaska.

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