In the context of the increasingly severe restrictions in Romania and the severity of the pandemic, Romanian tourists vaccinated or who have passed through the disease escape to tourist destinations in Western Europe, and Italy, Great Britain, Spain, Germany or France are among the most sought after this fall. it is mentioned in a communiqué sent on Tuesday by the online travel agency In these Western European countries, the restrictions for those who hold the green certificate are minimal, the tourist attractions are open, and the daily life is more and more similar to the life before the pandemic, claims, according to Agerpres.

Before the imposition of the green certificate, the volatility of the traffic light list of other countries and the risk of being quarantined when returning from vacation prevented Romanians from traveling, but now, thanks to the green certificate, tourism is much simplified and tourists vaccinated or who have gone through the disease in the last six months can return to Romania from any country, without the need for COVID testing or quarantine. In this context, the new tourist trend at the end of this autumn consists in increasing the number of last-minute city-break bookings to the great Western European capitals.

Although before the pandemic this type of travel would not have been on schedule, mainly due to the cold weather, the still small percentage of vaccinated Romanians and the growing number of diseases leads to an increasingly pronounced paradigm shift in terms of demand for tourist products from Romania, the document says. According to data collected by, fares for plane tickets to Western European capitals are lower than in the past: a ticket on one of the most requested routes, Bucharest-Milan, costs 35 euros, a flight to London costs on average 103 euros, and a flight to Dublin costs 64 euros. On the other hand, in the top of the best-selling routes in October on is Dubai, a destination for which you pay, on average, 313 euros for a plane ticket from Bucharest, and among the European destinations Barcelona or Lisbon have fares of the largest flights.

The average price of a plane ticket on the European routes most used by Romanian tourists is 155 euros, notes Given the uncertainty associated with stays in Romania, amid multiple changes and increasingly severe restrictions that lead to the cancellation of events or their unfolding without spectators, often airline tickets to foreign destinations, such as Italy, Britain or Belgium, end up having prices lower than prices for domestic flights. Thus, according to the data provided by, for domestic flights, the average fare of the plane ticket is 114 euros per flight segment, which makes a Cluj-Bucharest flight of 130 euros in October to be more expensive than I pay often Romanian tourists to return to Bucharest from London, Madrid, Paris or Brussels. At the same time, if in September of this year, the domestic routes were the most requested, together with the new restrictions imposed in Romania, the reservations for the flights that unite the largest cities in Romania suffered a slight decrease. Business tourism and the visit of relatives and friends remain the main reasons for domestic travel, as these tourists are not necessarily affected by the changes announced by the authorities, the travel agency also states.

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