The Museum of Memories of Communism (MAdC), an initiative by two young Romanian women to show people how Romanians lived during communism, will be inaugurated this autumn in Brasov, central Romania.

According to, the project, launched by Alina Beteringhe and Ioana Bejan Roata, focuses on the daily experiences of people who lived during this period, regardless of age, occupation or social status. Visitors have the opportunity to discover various objects of daily life from this period, but also their stories and other stories from communist Romania.

A social enterprise will run the museum and the profits will be passed on to groups of children at risk.

Those interested can also contribute to this project by donating items from the communist era and sharing their stories with future visitors to the museum. The two founders have launched a dedicated campaign inviting people to remember the communist era and to contribute to this initiative. Details can be found on the museum’s website –

“Although the story is sometimes told through a person’s voice, it is created by people who lived at a specific time and their stories. For me, the idea of ​​creating a museum to collect these voices, give them a place to express themselves and tell their own stories while they remember and feel them is a challenge that I was happy to accept ” said Alina Beteringhe, anthropologist and documentary filmmaker.

Szenner Zoltan, Vice President of the Brasov County Council, said in a Facebook post that the museum would be set up on the first floor of the Capitol Hotel.

(Photo source: Facebook / Museum of Communist Memories)

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