USA and Romania agoedare to announcee today plans pentru o plant nucleplow de tip SMR (small nuclear reactor), the first of its kind from Romania.

Thisntrala will be built in parteneriat with US NuScale Power and I bring youe most nine civilian nuclear technology in part extrem de importance a Europei ”, according to a communiqué of Caseand Albe.

Pthe artillery will bring SMR technology to Romania, positioning US technology that leader in the global race for the implementation of SMR“, According to the communiqué.

The trade agreement will include a 12-module NuScale plant, which will initially create more than 6,000 jobs in the US and Romania, with the potential to gete the 30,000 jobs in the US and Romania as the project grows.

The implementation of SMR technology will ofeto contributee importantcomplicated to an energy sector without carbon and a future with zero emisii, se it also shows in the communiqué.

A grant agreement was signed 10 months ago between the Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) and the National Nuclearelectric Society (SNN), the former US ambassador to Bucharest, Adrian Zuckerman, noting at the event that this is another step in strengthening the bilateral relationship in the field of Energy.

The grant is granted for technical assistance in order to develop “Small Modular Reactor” (SMR) solutions in Romania. The technical assistance provided by the USTDA will support Romania’s efforts to include SMR technology in its national energy strategy. This assistance will identify a short list of places compatible with SMR technology, analyze the options for SMR technology and prepare roadmaps for licensing each selected place. SNN selected Illinois-based Sargent & Lundy for assistance.

The signing, which took place online, was attended by Cosmin Ghiţă, General Manager of Nuclearelectrica and Todd Abrajano, General Manager and Operations of USTDA. In this context, the US Ambassador spoke about the bilateral relationship in the field of energy. important in Romania’s economic development in the future, “Zuckerman said.

He recalled the recently signed Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in the field of civilian nuclear energy. Zuckerman spoke at length about the opportunities that Romania has, once it will develop its energy sector. “Increased efforts will give future generations a chance to have a stable economic future in their own country,” he said.

At the same time, Zuckerman addressed the issue of energy independence in our country. “This grant is a step towards the flexible energy future that Romania deserves. I strongly believe that, given the vast potential energy sources in Romania, from the exploitation of natural gas from the Black Sea to Cernavoda, once it will operate at maximum parameters, for hydroelectric energy, the potential to use solar energy and now, with SMRs, Romania will be one of the major exporters of energy not only in Eastern Europe, but also in the whole of Europe “, said the diplomat.

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