The President of the European Commission (EC), Ursula von der Leyen, announced on Tuesday, 2 November, at the Glasgow conference on climate change, that she would allocate one billion euros to support the global commitment to protecting forests.

This 5-year support package, allocated from the EU budget, will help partner countries to protect, restore and sustainably manage forests around the world and comply with the Paris Agreement.

“Forests are the green lungs of the earth. We need to protect them and restore them. I am pleased to announce that we will allocate EUR 1 billion to protect forests around the world. This is a clear sign of our commitment to driving global change to protect our planet, in line with the European Green Deal, “Ursula von der Leyen said in a Twitter post.

Forests are the green lungs of the earth. We need to protect and restore them.

I gladly announce that we are pledging €1 billion to protect forests worldwide.

This is a clear sign of our commitment to lead global change to protect our planet in line with #EUGreenDeal. #COP26

– Ursula von der Leyen (@vonderleyen) November 2, 2021

According to the European Commission, from the amount announced today, 250 million euros will be allocated to the Congo Basin in Central Africa, in order to improve the livelihoods of the people of this region.

Since the early 1990s, the EU has supported forest conservation, especially in Central Africa, through the ECOFAC6 (Conservation of Biodiversity and Fragile Ecosystems in Central Africa) program. This ongoing support has helped conserve about 16 million ha of wetlands in the Congo Basin, while promoting sustainable development and livelihoods among the local population.

The Republic of Moldova has joined the Declaration of Leaders on Forests and Land Use, supported by more than one hundred signatory countries, with the intention of stopping deforestation by 2030. Details here.

The signatories of the declaration include the Member States of the European Union (EU), Ukraine, Turkey, the United States of America (USA), Canada, Japan, the Russian Federation.

Through this statement, countries are committed to promoting sustainable development on a global scale, including sustainable forest management and use, and strengthening local economies.

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