Ernestas and Darina, two travel videographers from Dream Team Travels, have visited 19 countries this year alone, from the United Arab Emirates to Mexico, and now they spent 1 month exploring Romania together with their big dog (Russian Wolfhound) and think that every traveler should put Romania on their bucket lists.

We had a little chat with them and found out they had really enjoyed touring Romania and that they had detected quite exquisite spots, unique in Europe.

“Romania is a destination with some of the most undiscovered places in Europe and we would really love to change that. While here we explored the country from the bottom to the top and from left to right and made a list of our 6 favorite places,” they said.

Riding the underground Ferris wheel inside a salt mine

The first attraction Ernestas and Darina visited was Salina Turda Salt Mine, located in northwestern Romania.

“It is crazy to think that this salt mine has been used for many different things throughout its history, from cheese storage to World War II bunker, but now it has been converted to an underground amusement park with the only underground Ferris wheel in the world! We think that Salina Turda pretty much looks like something taken out of a dystopian novel and after visiting it we couldn’t even imagine what else Romania had to offer”, the two travel videographer stated.

Perfect National Park for windedness enthusiasts

As for natural, wild environments, Retezat National Park seemed to be the perfect location for them.

“Retezat National Park was a place where we felt like we could spend countless weeks or even months exploring this beautiful National Park. This place is one of the best conserved wild areas in the Carpathians and is a must for passionate hikers, wilderness enthusiasts, and photographers. Retezat National Park is a true Carpathian rock fortress.”

Most beautiful peaks that will surpass your expectations

Not only the Retezat, but also the famous Făgăraș Mountains, often referred to as The Transylvanian Alps, have left a permanent mark in travelers’ minds.

“Being Mountain lovers we decided to head to the highest peaks of the Southern Carpathians, the Făgăraș Mountains. Here our wildest imaginations were met as we hiked up and down the most impressive mountain ranges in Romania.”

Exploring the most beautiful road in the world

And since they were there to explore the Fagaras Mountains, they could not miss the best road to drive in Romania, the Transfăgărășan road.

“It is one of our favorite roads and we are not the only one that thinks that. The Transfăgărășan road was once called the best road in the world by Top Gear. Anyone that chooses to visit this road, we are sure they will think the same.”

Visiting the most enchanting castles of Romania

Europe is full of medieval castles and Romania definitely can compete in the list of some of the most unique and beautiful castles. Dream Team Travels couldn’t choose just one castle so they included 4 of their favorites that they believe all travelers must visit.

“Besides magical nature, beautiful roads, and dystopian salt mines, you can also visit many fairytale castles, here are our 4 favorites:

Bran Castle, also known as Dracula Castle, and in our opinion, there is no other castle better for Halloween.

Corvin Castle, which is one of the largest castles in Europe and truly an amazing place to take some fantastic photos.

Peles Castle, before coming we couldn’t understand how a small castle could cost approximately 100€ million to build but once we arrived we spent hours staring at the beautiful architecture, sculptures, and the beautiful details included while building this castle.

Castelul de Lut Valea Zânelor, the eco-friendly story house castle made from clay and sand was something completely different. We always try to be mindful of our environment and our ecosystem so seeing someone build this in an eco-friendly way was truly amazing.”

From mountain towns to Little Paris, Romanian cities have it all

Cities like Brasov, at the foot of Tampa Mountain, were also on their radar.

“While in Romania we also cannot miss the chance to visit many beautiful cities but the one mountain town that impressed us the most was the beautiful town of Brasov located right in the middle of Romania. The town felt like a perfect mash-up of traditional charm and modern city life with a huge Hollywood-like sign.”

Although they did not intend to visit Bucharest in the first place, the videographers did eventually set their foot there and fell in love with the Romanian Capital.

“We actually didn’t intend to come to Bucharest, but are so glad that we ended up exploring the capital city which made us fall in love with its ‘Paris-like feel’. The city had so many things to offer us, we discovered an amazing bookstores Cărturești Carusel, grabbed coffee at a charming Van Gogh Cafe, and stopped at French Revolution to get the best eclairs in the world!

We ended our last evenings at our favorite rooftop place “Closer To The Moon” at Linea with the beautiful view of this beautiful and unforgettable city.”

What is next for Dream Team Travels?

“We are currently in The Italian Dolomites capturing the fall colors in the mountains. We should have the next video done in a couple of weeks and hope to bring autumn to all our viewers around the world.”

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