Like Iliescu, who saw “legionaries” in students, “Schmitt recalls the participation of Patriarch Daniel and the President of the Romanian Academy, Ioan-Aurel Pop, in a ceremony at the Putna Monastery, where he would have applauded the student leader Silvian-Emanuel Man , known for his nationalist speeches and legionary sympathies ”. The fact that a student association leader who fights for the real interests of young people, even managing to successfully challenge Nazi-pass blackmail in courses, exams, and accommodation, is seen as a nationalist is one, but equating his nationalism with “legionarism” it’s just a false label. The deposed Prime Minister Florin Cîțu himself compares the opponents of forced vaccination with the “terrorists”, a skid similar to the one made by Schmitt for the sake of the operation of tarnishing the great Romanian values ​​and the main institutional pillars of today’s Romania: the Romanian Orthodox Church and the Romanian Academy.

It is clear that the great Austrian “expert” did not understand the purpose of the student congress in Putna, to mark the 150th anniversary of the great celebration in Putna of young people urged by Mihai Eminescu, the national poet and renowned journalist. The birthday of the writer Eminescu is officially declared the Day of Romanian Culture. Is the Patriarch of Romania wrong if he applauds a student leader who pays homage to Mihai Eminescu, the Absolute Romanian? Is Patriarch Daniel wrong when he tells young people that “Love of country means prayer and communion”? Is the president of the Romanian Academy wrong if he teaches young people that “the greatest Romanian poet is Mihai Eminescu, and the greatest Romanian storyteller is Ion Creanga”?

If we were to take on “conspiracy” hypotheses, it would be better to remember that Bukovina, although kidnapped by the Russians in World War II, was annexed to the Austro-Hungarian Empire between 1775 and 1918, and the celebration of young people driven by Eminescu in 1871 to Putna took place on the territory temporarily ruled by Romania’s future enemy in the First World War, Austria-Hungary. Maybe that’s why the teachers in Vienna don’t smell good about a Romanian patriotic demonstration in the part of Bucovina that remained united with the Country in 1918? Can’t the chainsaws of the Austrian company Schweighofer quietly shave the voivodship forests of Bukovina from the patriotic feelings of the students? Maybe that’s why Mihai Eminescu bothers today, just as he disturbed the Austro-Hungarian interests of the 19th century by setting up a secret association that campaigned for the union of Transylvania with Romania?

As an Austrian (?) Whose ancestors tried to snatch Orthodoxy from the Romanians ‘souls and turn them into “Eastern Rite Catholics,” Mr. Schmitt of Vienna disliked Romanians’ attachment to the national church. Let’s face it, such a propagandist would also dislike the Polish attachment to the Roman Catholic Church! But let’s follow what he says about Romanians: “The Orthodox Church enjoys prestige among the population and only a few intellectuals dare … to criticize the hierarchs. The church is influential both economically and in the media, and the political authorities strive to please the larger churches. As an example, Schmitt reminds that President Klaus Iohannis recently decorated Patriarch Daniel with a high order of the Romanian state “, Flux24 also shows.

Mr. Schmitt’s statement would have been more valid in the 1990s and 2000s, amid a reversal of the faith that followed the atheist communist period, in which its manifestation was repressed. But the press and political campaigns financed by Western funds, especially after 2007, managed to lose the authority of the national Church. Although 85% are Orthodox, Romanians did not show up at least 30% to validate the 2018 Referendum on Marriage, started as a citizens’ initiative, but supported by all religious denominations in Romania, including the Orthodox Church precisely because to the vile propaganda of the mass media and the intellectuals sold, in the company of the one who publishes Schmidt’s books in Romania.

The modesty of intellectuals sold and politicians bought has long faded, with so many voices in parties, televisions, newsrooms and publishing houses virulently attacking Patriaria, especially since the start of the National Cathedral construction site and then after the club fire Collective. The “economic” influence of the Church is a conspiracy theory, especially since it never received back its properties confiscated by Cuza’s “reform”, and in terms of “media influence”, it is reduced to Ziarul Lumina, a publication strictly religious, and on Trinitas Radio and Television, a rather cultural station which, more recently, through pro-vaccination news bulletins has become downright governmental – like most of the central press in Romania. The medal received by Patriarch Daniel from President Iohannis came in late 2021, following what appeared to be an attempt by Iohannis to win the Patriarch in support of the government’s vaccination campaign.

It is not the expression of a constant and long respect, it is enough to remember the absence of the president at most national religious ceremonies, culminating in the absence from the inauguration of the Cathedral of the Salvation of the Nation, under the pretext that “it does not allow the European agenda.” During Pope Francis’ visit, the same agenda and, probably, his consort allowed Iohannis to step on the threshold of the emblematic cathedral.

Mr. Schmitt is also concerned about the proximity of the Romanian Academy to the Orthodox Church and the presence of its president with Patriarch Daniel at the Putna 150 Celebration, neglecting the fact that in our lands the Church is the one that gave the first Romanian school, gymnasiums and hospitals. being a generator of culture, literary language, literacy and education. Putna Monastery in particular is an old hearth of Romanian culture, benefiting, in addition to the monastic complex, from a museum and a research-documentary center. The student event hosted in Putna was a cultural-historical one, not necessarily a religious one.

The attack of the Austrian “expert” on Eastern European issues against academician Ioan Aurel Pop does not miss any of the clichés and scares of #Resist propaganda from 2017-2019: nationalism, alleged pro-Russianism, alleged collaboration with security, alleged PSD, even the alleged anti-Semitism. Although Ioan Aurel Pop disappointed a large part of Romanian intellectuals when he refused to commemorate the interwar scientist Nicolae Paulescu – the discoverer of insulin -, the president of the Romanian Academy is accused of anti-Semitism because he resigned “late”. Moreover, the historian from Vienna contradicts the historian from Cluj-Napoca, reproaching him that in the book “History of Romania”, signed by the latter, the number of Jews killed in the Pogrom of Iași in 1941 would be much smaller than in reality ”. I don’t know if Austria would be able to teach Romania lessons about the Holocaust, but I think that overly politicized topics such as the “Iasi Program” during the last world war, when the Kingdom of Romania was practically under German Hitlerite military occupation, would they must be cut exclusively by researchers, and academician Ioan Aurel Pop is a professor of history. The number to which Schmit refers is seen by other historians and witnesses of the events, even Jews, even smaller than the one present in Professor Pop’s book.

The icing on the cake is the throwing of all conservative intellectuals today, all patriots and all practicing Orthodox under the label of the GOLD party, which has been compared to the legionary movement, the nationalist party of the communist Corneliu Vadim Tudor, and the “extreme right” simply – the one who opposes the compulsory vaccination dictated by the head of the European Commission, the former German Minister of Defense. As if all these intellectuals, who were previously categorized as “Russian people”, would fit under the logo of a party that debuted with the logo of the stars of the European Union over the outline of Bessarabia torn by Russians from the body of the Kingdom of Romania! Let’s not forget, however, that, despite the uneasiness caused by the access of AUR in the Romanian Parliament, only 30% of the Romanians with the right to vote ran in the last parliamentary elections. So AUR does not represent many of the Romanian conservatives as the current minority coalition does not represent Romania in any way. On the other hand, the service worries denouncing the “extremism” of the new parties did not say a word about the political-medical dictatorship established by the PNL government of the German ethnic “favorite” Klaus Iohannis, with the annulment of human rights through indefinitely prolonged states of emergency and through “laws” not passed by Parliament, which are reminiscent of the decree-laws of the interwar Carlist dictatorship and its ally, Comrade Hitler!

We would have expected Schmitd, perhaps better inspired and expired by his own local history, to claim rather the Nazi essence of all the discrimination that takes place today against 70% of Romanians. It wasn’t to be. Maybe next time?

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