Romanians, Bulgarians and Ukrainians are called “idiots of Europe” by a German newspaper. The Germans point out that especially in these Eastern European countries, many people refuse to get vaccinated, although the pandemic situation is delicate.

The German tabloid Hamburger Morgenpost writes about the low vaccination rates in Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine. In an article entitled “Idiots of Europe”: Why the situation in the East is escalating en masse “, the Germans note that although the health crisis has reached its peak in this part of the continent, many people refuse to get vaccinated.

The situation in Romanian hospitals is described in gloomy colors, and German journalists write that the health system is overwhelmed by the number of serious cases of Covid-19. To emphasize this, footage from the University Hospital in Bucharest is presented, taken from Recorder.

“Those who are in a half-acceptable condition remain in the chair. Only critically ill patients receive a bed “, explains a nurse in a filmed report, preparing a deformed office chair for a new patient. Another staff member says, “It’s hell, like a war.” Some patients push each other down the corridors to get oxygen equipment, says doctor Victoria Aramă. She describes the situation in Bucharest as “apocalyptic”. Shrugging her shoulders, an assistant sums up the frustration “Not everyone is vaccinated”, the quoted publication shows.

The culprits, in the opinion of the Germans

In the radiograph made by Hamburger Morgenpost, the Romanian Orthodox Church is shown with its finger that it avoided urging the faithful to be vaccinated and did not take measures to put an end to the conspiracy theories.

“Archbishop Theodosius of Constanta, for example, claims that no one is responsible for the effects of the vaccine. Those who are vaccinated “sign their own death sentence”, preaches Teodosie Paraschiv, a monk from the Durău monastery. The Orthodox Church, to which 86% of Romanians belong, is extremely influential in the country “, underlines Hamburger Morgenpost.

The Germans have not forgotten the Romanian politicians who sent contradictory messages, and President Klaus Iohannis is pointed the finger.

“Basically, we stopped the pandemic,” said President Klaus Iohannis in June, when the incidence was low, “said Hamburger Morgenpost. In Ukraine and Bulgaria it is even worse.

“It’s hell, like a war: almost no one can imagine what doctors and nurses in Eastern Europe are currently facing. The crown situation is catastrophic, the pandemic is raging on an unprecedented scale. How could this happen? ”The Germans write.

The German tabloid also shows the critical situation in Ukraine, a country where 765 people died on Wednesday, a record for wave 4 in Europe.

A woman from the city of Donetsk recounts what she experienced in a hospital: “We were told that there were 44 patients on one floor, all a little older. For 44 people, she was a nurse, a doctor on duty and a chief doctor who treated everyone. ”

The situation in Bulgaria is similar. Here, the Germans write, politicians are primarily to blame for the low vaccination rate. As Bulgarians die in hospitals’ ATI wards, Bulgarian nationalist parties insist the pandemic is a fake, non-existent issue and advise voters not to get vaccinated.

Not coincidentally, the numbers look bad in these three countries. Beyond the fact that in all three countries wave 4 is stronger than all other previous waves, many people still avoid being immunized. Thus, less than 40% of Romanians are completely immunized (37.6%), and in Bulgaria and Ukraine things are even worse. In Bulgaria only 24.8% of the population has been vaccinated, and in Ukraine the situation is dire: only 16% of people are completely immunized.

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