Hamburger Morgenpost, a German publication, harshly criticizes Romanians, Bulgarians and Ukrainians for refusing vaccination in a material titled “Idiots of Europe,” citing Angel Kuntschew, a Bulgarian health inspector. The article writes about the medical staff crisis that Ukraine is facing, about the influence of the Orthodox Church in Romania and about the anti-vaccination campaigns in Bulgaria.

: almost no one can imagine what doctors and nurses in Eastern Europe are currently facing. The situation is catastrophic, the pandemic is raging on an unprecedented scale. How could this be? .

“Nowhere in Europe have so many people died of Covid-19 in 24 hours as in Ukraine: 765 new deaths were reported on Wednesday. A woman from the city of Donetsk tells ARD television station that she lived in a hospital: . Like other Eastern European countries, Ukraine is struggling with a crown wave of unprecedented proportions. The situation in Romania is also serious: the incidence for seven days is over 531, and almost all hospitals are overcrowded, ”writes Hamburger Morgenpost.

To describe the situation in Romania, Hamburger Morgenpost recalls a video from the University Hospital in Bucharest, published by “Recorder” under the title “This is what a health disaster looks like”.

, explains a nurse in the clip and prepares a crooked office chair for a new patient. Another employee says: . Sometimes patients would push each other down the corridors to get oxygen equipment, says doctor Victoria Arama. She calls the situation in Bucharest apocalyptic ”.

, recently preached by the Romanian pastor Valeriu Roșcan. In fact, such an appeal of a Romanian Orthodox clergyman is a rarity, because it is the worshipers of this denomination who fuel skepticism about vaccinations. The Archbishop of Constanta, Teodosie Petrescu, for example, claims that no one is responsible for the vaccine. Those who vaccinate <își semnează condamnarea la moarte>, preaches Teodosie Paraschiv, monk priest in the Durau monastery. The Orthodox Church is extremely influential in the country, “the German newspaper writes.

“But politics is not entirely innocent: , said President Klaus Iohannis in June, when incidences were low. At the beginning of May, 34 percent of those surveyed wanted to be vaccinated – in September there were only 16 percent, according to surveys by the IRES institute in Bucharest, “the material also shows.

“Idiots of Europe”: Tough words in Bulgaria

“Bulgarian politicians have also been responsible for the low vaccination rate. Extra-parliamentary nationalist parties, such as Ataka (attack) and Wasrashdane (rebirth), deny the existence of the coronavirus and thus have led to an increase in resistance to vaccination.

With the increase in the number of cases, the country has now introduced restrictions. , warned Chief Health Inspector Angel Kuntschew. “

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