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SR Brașov lost on its own field the match with Hermannstadt 2, 1-2, and remains with a point after two stages played in League 3 – 5th Series. With more concentration in the end, Tibi Ghioane’s students, who – otherwise – were not in their best day, could get a draw. The dispute with Miercurea Ciuc from the Romanian Cup follows …

“I do not deserve more. Even though we equalized in the 90th minute, we didn’t deserve a point. We played very poorly, it was a lying point, which probably made us worse. If I could, I would change everyone at the break. They entered the game badly, in the second half the reserves didn’t help us either. It is the first defeat, to return with our feet on the ground and to prepare for the match of the Romanian Cup with Miercurea Ciuc “, declared at the end the coach Tibi Ghioane.

Also today, in the second round of League 3, Series 5, Olimpic Cetate Râşnov – ACS KSE Târgu Secuiesc 0-0 and Kids Tâmpa Braşov – Sepsi II 2-5. For the “bears”, Kerekes managed a “double”.

“It was a match that” broke “in the 11th second, when I scored the first goal. In fact, we started this game from 0-1. From that moment on, we totally lost confidence, but also as a game, so it was hard to hope for anything more. These two games must be a lesson for us, the one from Tg. I also follow today’s one, from which we can draw the necessary lessons and start collecting points. We are in a difficult situation, but it is good that we are at the beginning of the season and we can fix things. But it is very important to show something completely different from the next stage “, said one of the coaches of Kids Tâmpa Brașov, Ciprian Anghel.

Final whistle.

The spirits warmed up. Challenges of Sibiu, lacking fair play. Guests also saw a red card.

90 + 4 minutes. On the counterattack, Sibiu scored, 1-2, through the same Buzan. Tense ending!

90 + 2 minutes. Godri equalized, 1-1!

Minute 88. Cenk missed again, resuming with his head from 6 meters, millimeter near the bar.

Minute 86. And Iordache was on the verge of a draw, but …

Minute 85. Cenk was the first to reach the corner kick, but his header was blocked by the keeper.

Minute 81. Răchișan was replaced by Gomboș at SR.

Minute 79. Sibiu’s counterattack was impressive and was only stopped by a shocking foul.

Minute 75. Cenk resumed with his head from the small square over the goal.

Minute 74. A new change in the Brasov camp: Sandu replaced Mitu.

Minute 68. Another occasion for the SR, the phase ended with a semi-luft of Iordache.

Minute 67. Great opportunity to equalize the SR. Crihan entered the box, but his shot from 6 meters was blocked.

Minute 64. And Godri was warned.

Minute 63. Yellow cards Cauca and Mustea, after an exchange of … lines.

Minute 60. Cenk, from the square, resumed weakly, but was well closed by the Sibiu defenders.

Minute 57. Bolboașă caught the ball, sure, the corner kick was executed by Iordache.

Minute 55. New changes. At SR Brașov, S. Șerban entered in place of Vl. Olteanu.

Wear game. Those from SR Brașov seem to be weak.

Minute 47. Cauca took out, formidably, with his foot, a ball on which he wrote empty.

Minute 46. Change at SR Brașov. Crihan replaced Dobrean.

Start in the second half.

It’s a break. FC Hermannstadt II leads 1-0, thanks to the success of Buzan, from the penalty spot, in the 26th minute. SR Brașov must return from the booths much more motivated to be able to return the score on the scoreboard.

Minute 45 + 1. Răchișan centered in front of the goal, after a combination with Mitu, but Bolboașă was at the post.

Minute 43. Sibiu shot from 25 meters, a little near the goal. The ball had been deflected by Cauca. Another opportunity for the guests, after a corner, the ball going to a cross.

Minute 40. Cauca, the goalkeeper of SR, shot from a free kick from 30 meters, but the Sibiu goalkeeper restrained. Before, Răchișan was fouled by Lascu, who was warned.

Minute 36. In the square, Răchișan missed the execution. It was a candle type.

FC Hermannstadt controls the dispute. The team from Sibiu shows an added value.

Minute 33. Another occasion for the guests – resumption from the square, over the goal.

Minute 26. Penalty for Sibiu! Dobrean fouled in the box and received the yellow card, after a counterattack by the hosts. Buzan executed: 0-1, Cauca was on the ball, but …

Minute 20. Negotei shot from the box right in the goalkeeper’s arms.

Slight domination of the people of Sibiu.

Minute 15. Cenk Firat was caught napping as lifted a ball over him following a free kick, but the ball hit the bar, rebounding into the keeper’s arms.

Horia Popa, the captain of FC Brașov, came to see his former teammates at work.

Minute 12. Sibiu dominates in terms of corners – they have had three so far.

Minute 9. Cenk Firat has a fantastic effort at goal. However, the referee was unimpressed, and booked him for diving.

Minute 7. The second corner of the guests. C. Popescu headed over the goal. Hermannstadt made the first change, Niţă could not resume the game. Al. Albu came in.

Minute 3. Sibiu puts pressure. Shot by the guests, after a corner, far over the goal.

The match has begun.


SR Brașov (yellow-black) plays in the following composition: Căucă – Mitu, Dragomir, Vl. Olteanu, Cr. Burlacu, Godri, Iordache, Dobrean, Negotei, Cenk Firat, Răchișan.

Reserves: Maxim – S. Șerban, Dedu, Avarvarei, C. Sandu, Elek, Crihan, Lupu, Gomboș.

FC Hermannstadt II (full white) has the following “11”: Bolboașă – Chirițoiu, Hanzu, Jica, Mustea, Lascu, Niță, Iaru, C. Popescu, Buzan, Bucuroiu.

Reserves: Agârbiceanu – Sulea, Gândilă, H. Creţu, Al. Albu.


Today, from 14.00, on the “Tineretului” Stadium, SR Brașov, the team coached by the former international Tibi Ghioane (photo), will meet the Hermannstadt 2 group, the match counting for the second stage of League 3 in football – 5th Series .

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The match is refereed by a brigade from Prahova County, with Mădălin Dicu (Bucov) in the center. The assistants are Louis Oprescu (Ploiești) and Mircea Rusu (Bertea).

Observers were delegates Iosif Olah (Sf. Gheorghe) and Marin Niță (Măgurele).

The match AFC Odorheiu Secuiesc – FC Pucioasa, scheduled for Friday in League 3 – 5th Series, was not played. At FC Pucioasa it was discovered that several players have false vaccination certificates. According to investigators, the doctor who counterfeited them is the wife of the club president. The two were also detained, a total of 13 people being brought with a warrant in this case.

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