October 28, 2021, 9:03 p.m.
Ilie Toma

In adventure novels and pirate movies, we have often become accustomed to the fact that the most valuable treasures are hidden on distant islands. It seems that even in the case of cars it is true sometimes, or today we can all say that we have discovered a treasure, at the sight of which we really have to ask ourselves if we are not dreaming. It’s a Madeira island treasure, in the form of the most impeccably preserved Mercedes-Benz S-Class W126 I’ve ever seen!

The island we are talking about, Madeira, is located in the Atlantic Ocean and is part of Portugal, with a form of autonomy, along with several other smaller islands. It is part of the archipelago of the same name, in the Macaronezia volcanic area, and is actually located in the west of the African continent, at a latitude with Morocco, but over 500 km west, in the ocean. On the island itself, if you go from north to south in the middle of it, you have less than 19 km to go. If you travel it in length, from west to east, taking into account all the serpentines, as the central area is a bit mountainous, you have to travel up to 74 km, but the length of the island itself is less than 70 km. Therefore, we can already understand why a car operated in such a small perimeter, in an isolated island in the ocean, without any ferry that takes it to areas with greater distances, ends up being preserved as a real treasure. And then, that warm and favorable climate is exactly what the doctor would prescribe for the proper maintenance of a car.

Well, this is exactly the condition of this Mercedes-Benz W126, now on sale on the island of Madeira. It is superfluous to talk much about the W126 as a model – suffice it to say that it is one of the models that, at the time of its production, and so far, many decades after the end of production, is said to be one of the better designed and more sustainably assembled than ever before. It was so good that even when the legendary W140 appeared after it, some considered the successor to be a betrayal of quality, and that the real overengineering Mercedes was only up to the W126 in the S-Class family. It is certain, however, that this car was truly brilliant and immortal.

And now, imagine that this model, made in 1982, has covered only 24,866 km in its entire 39-year history! And the best part is that today, in 2021, this car was also put up for sale by the man who ordered it from us in 1982 and who owned and operated it all this time, so he, being a good connoisseur of English, he is not stingy at all in the details about his car and its history!

It’s a Mercedes 280 SE, which means it has under the hood the famous M110 engine, with 6 cylinders in line, 2.8 liters, which develops 185 hp due to the fact that it had injection here, not carburetor as on the 280 S version. Oh, and if we take a look under the hood of this engine and see its structure and components shining like today, it becomes immediately clear the exceptional condition of this car. And it can be seen from a post office that it is not a shine from those much polished, but kept like that in its original shape, a bit yellowish, with a little lubricant on it!

The buyer chose it with a manual box, opting for a beautiful color of metallic green Cypress, with the color code 876.

The interior chose beige velor fabric, with the code 934. And if we look at this combination today, we can’t help but admit that he made a good choice. He ticked a Becker Mexico radio, automated operated hatch, automatic antenna, central locks, all four power windows, and even air conditioning, a still extravagant feature for 1982. But this car had not only air conditioning in 1982, but also windows with thermal insulation layer. In other words, he was a true S-Class of his time.

Well, the owner says that as soon as the car was delivered to him, in 1982, the Portuguese authorities on the island had imposed a restriction on cars imported from certain parts of the world, including Germany, and so he had to keep it virtually still. until 1987, when the law was repealed. Only after 5 years of parking could he begin to enjoy the jewelry he had bought. But his attitude towards the car was already automatic as towards a very special one.

He did not intentionally exploit it very slowly, to make it very few kilometers, simply the short distances of the island and the fact that it was not his only car naturally generated this route which grew very slowly. However, the car went regularly to the only official Mercedes-Benz service on the island, where it had all its overhauls. Invoices, additions to the service book – everything is present in the file of this car. And it’s clear that as the car’s age grew, so did its owner, who realized that the car in his garage was turning into an increasingly rare diamond.

The best evidence of the condition of this car is the small details both in the passenger compartment, and in the way the car looks underneath, on each suspension component. You have the impression that this car has never seen any rain in her life, any puddle of mud, nothing. Apparently he lived in Madeira like paradise.

And, after 39 years of owning this Mercedes, the Portuguese owner put it up for sale. He sells it himself, directly, without any intermediary, and is ready to ship it with the right ship anywhere in Europe, but you will probably want to fly there first, to convince yourself with your own eyes that what we all see here, the treasure This is incredible, it’s very possible.

How much is this Mercedes treasure from Madeira? Honestly, no matter how exceptional the car is, we would have expected a price at least 3 times higher. Only 27,500 euros are required on it. Having less than 25 thousand km! The treasure is simply exceptional, one of those cars that you can see once in many years, and if you can’t buy it, you end up thinking about it for years. Because she can’t help but steal your gaze and make you admire her with all your passion! Because the model is gorgeous, but also because the copy is exceptional! Yes, today we can all say that we have discovered a treasure!






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