Arriving in Romania’s capital might give you the feeling
that Bucharest is a bit rough around the edges.

As tourism is constantly evolving, it might not be clear
what is the best way to get to downtown
Bucharest from the Airport.

We are here to help you. We can also show you around while you are in town. Just check some of our shared tours.

information and location

The biggest airport in Romania is Henry Coandă (Otopeni) International Airport (OTP).

Near Bucharest, there is also a second smaller airport
namely, the Băneasa – Aurel Vlaicu International Airport, which is currently
out of use for commercial airlines.

Otopeni Airport is located on the northern side of
Bucharest around 17 km away from the
city center
. Once you’ve landed you should know several services can help,
right in the airport, that include:

  • Free Wi-Fi in the terminal
  • Money Exchange kiosks
  • ATMs from several banks
  • Airport Shuttle services
  • Restaurants, Cafes, and Shops.

If you are not in a hurry, take a few minutes to check if
you have everything you need to get to downtown Bucharest from the Airport.

Remember that in Romania the only accepted currency is lei, also referred to as RON (the new

That means you won’t be able to pay with Euros, so make
sure you have at least a small amount to pay the transportation. You should
have small bills if possible, so you can pay the fair exactly.

You can exchange your money at ATMs or Money Exchange kiosks.


To get to downtown Bucharest from the Airport public transportation is the cheapest
but usually the longest option. You’ll want to take the Express Line 783 (RATB) which runs 24h/7.

The bus stop is downstairs,
in front of the Arrivals Entrance
. There are yellow Bus signs in the
Airport that help you get there.

The tickets are bought from a kiosk or a machine, not from
the driver. The price is 7 RON for two rides and you might have to pay an
additional 3.7 RON for the BLUE card (in total around 2.3 euros).

You can use the second ride to come back to the airport when you are leaving, but you can’t use it on public transportation in the city. Make sure to validate the ticket at the orange box on the bus.

In the image above, you can see all the stops you need to take
to get to downtown Bucharest from the Airport. The numbers in colored squares
indicate the metro line options you have. Depending on traffic the ride can
take up to an hour.

Uber, and Bolt

The next option you have is to get a cab. This will be more expensive, between 40 to 70 RON
(around 10-15 euros), but only takes about 20 minutes.

There are a few taxi drivers that still try to rip off
tourists, so find the yellow self-order machines and order a cab from there.
You’ll get a printed ticket that you need to hold on to, with the details of
the car.

The taxis arrive in the special left pathway on the first-floor exit. You can only pay cash.

The ride-hailing apps you can use to get to downtown
Bucharest from the airport are Uber or Bolt. They usually pick you up on the ground floor. The big advantage is that you can
pay with your debit or credit card directly in the app.

to Down Town Bucharest from the Airport

The first moments after arriving at the airport are full of
excitement and rush. Here are just the main details you need to know, for a
good experience.

To continue the excitement while you are staying in Bucharest call us at +40 735 525 710 or book a tour.

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